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As featured on 1st October 2012

When I first heard that Pitbull was going to be performing on Dance With the Stars, these lyrics instantly made their way into the forefront of my mind and I began to sing “I Don’t need a TV show to Dance With The Stars, not me I’m good.” As sung by Pitbull in Where Do We Go From Here.  Having just said what I did, it would be understandable if you were to question in which tone and direction I was going with this. Perhaps at first glance even asking does this seem contradictory or hypocritical of our Pitbull? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT.
Allow me to elaborate.  It’s performance not participation. What I understand from it is that participating in a dance or any other reality show, irrelevant to which in order to revive or boost his career is unnecessary (Pit’s doing just fine thanks, plus rapping/singing seems more like his thing!). Whereas having the honour of performing on great prime time programmes such as Dance With The Stars is a different thing entirely, especially when you turn it into one big party and take over the whole show to the extent that the viewers forget they were watching a TV programme and not solely a Pitbull show!
It really was one big party by the looks of it. With laser light beams and an ocean of glow sticks in every direction you look, even I thought I was back partying in Ibiza for a moment!
Initially leading the crowd on an illuminated platform and making his way onto the grand floor, there was not a butt in the room touching a chair when Pitbull hit the floor performing his latest hit Don’t Stop The Party, everyone was up and dancing with a glow stick in hand. Glow sticks not only waved around by the audience and the dancers but the judges too, and well, if you can get the judges on the show on side then you can probably charm the birds out of the trees too!  Enter another little surprise half way through the performance with the huge Transformer-like figure and smoke effects. Even the audience high up in one of the balconies responded with a roar at one moment when Pitbull looked up and the camera zoomed in as they were asked, “Y’all having a good time out there!” by the sampler in the song. Don’t think you needed to even ask! Apart from the show stopping performance by Pitbull, you got to hand it to the creative team for all the effects and overall direction, truly amazing.After that performance there was no bringing down the party atmosphere on the show. A huge ten out of ten marks and beyond for you Mr Worldwide!
Pitbull always brings a high euphoric energy and such a great vibe where ever he performs whether you are there in person or watching it from the other side of the screen, THAT feeling crosses over. Don’t Stop The Party is on his new album Global Warming which hits us on November the 19th.
Now my turn !
“ZigaZigaZigaZiga ZOW…….What a performance Pitbull, WOW!…….Who took over Dance With The Stars NOW?……Dale….EeeeeeYAW!”

Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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