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PITBULL…Las chicas estan muy LOCA!

As featured on 17th October 2012

“Pitbull… las chicas estan muy loca …and all they can say is WTF?!” Bet they didn’t see this one coming right here!  It’s almost as if Pitbull has the Pied Piper effect. The only difference being that Pit is walking in front with a microphone instead of a flute and girls just following him one by one as he passes each one, creating an arsenal of women dancing to his tune without missing a beat and one that would not hesitate to step in front of him in any undesirable situation. Get the picture?
On observation, links on social networks are always blown up with messages from women either posting or tweeting  “ We love you!”  “You’re so hot”  “I want you!”  Amongst other suggestive statements or requests directed towards the papi caliente! Be prepared, if you thought you were already into Mr Worldwide, I’m about to open Pandora’s Box and you may even realise you are more hooked on the man than you originally thought you were or revisit HOW you are hooked!   He ‘Parties like a rock star, looks like a movie star, plays like an all star, f***s like a p*** star’ Ladies ARE YOU READY? Dale let’s go!
When all round sexy left a certain R&B singer brought it back. But then it left again and we were left with a ‘sexy drought’. Our hero Pitbull recognised the drought, went in to quench our thirst, brought sexy back and bought the Rights to it.
So what is it about Pitbull that, well quite frankly drives us ladies ‘Krazy’ and sends us into some kind of ‘Jungle Fever’ or under a ‘Voodoo’ trance? Do WE even know what it is about him that drives us crazy? Is it those gorgeous piercing eyes? Is it his warm smile hotter than the Miami heat that makes your heart melt? Is it the allure of his sexiness in his suit?  Is it the fact that he seems like a nice, kind hearted guy overall? Is it the fact that he is also smart and business minded with a vision and the ravenous hunger that drives him to succeed that makes him go and gets what he wants in life? Is it his voice that commands your attention every time?  Pitbull may be a smooth dresser but his voice is addictive, distinctive, a little raw and ‘gravelly’ (if that’s even a word!).  Just how some of us like it, a little bit of rough with the smooth. Or is it his kinky lyrics when he says in caveman style that he “Wants to take you to the champagne room and do that BaNG BaNG BOOM” and tells you he’s “Mr however you want it, baby just ­J-­J-J-J Jump on it” Or is it all of the above and so much more power that Pit has that “makes these women nervous around their girlfriends?”  It’s impossible to single out the one ‘thing’ that makes us girls ‘Come and Go’ AaaaoooW!
So again I ask, what is it about Pitbull that somehow creates the following categories where women are magnetically drawn to him that either:
a    a)Just want to rip his clothes off and have their wicked ways with him
b)Look up to him as an inspiration, are in awe of his achievements, hold genuine pure love and respect for him and his work and attitude
c)Just want to ‘mother’ and protect him
d)Marry him
e)Confused about all of the above and can’t work out if they want to mother, marry, admire or just do him after reading this.
To grab your attention and on a fun, light hearted note, let’s work with option (a) above today! Ladies, Pitbull seems to be single, bilingual and ready to mingle! Just as the girls luurve Pitbull. Pitbull also makes it no secret that he has another addiction apart from hustling, and that is ‘Mujeres’  And with no denial as he claims “Girls, it’s like the more I get. Girls, It’s like the more I want!” And if you don’t believe me, then as he said “Check my resume, I hit something every day”
I wonder if Mr WorldWide has REALLY woken up to what effects he has towards the female species and perhaps paused in a moment of being overwhelmed as he sung “It’s a jungle, sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from goin’ under with all these women around me. 
I got ’em all colors, shapes and sizes. I’m in over my head, these women gon’ drown me”  YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT, PIT and we love you for loving it!
The good news is that Pitbull loves us ALL and has enough charm and charisma to capture you. Whether you are all ‘Booty Booty Booty’ or hanging upside down off a ‘Stripper Pole’. To the even naughtier ones that get away he hollers “Bad girl! Mala, mala. Si no te veo hoy, yo te veo manana!”  No women are safe from Pitbull and I mean that in the most complimentary way! Gentlemen, therefore ensure you take heed to his words of advice to also “Watch your wifey!” or else it’s going to be a case of ‘Now you see it (her) now you don’t!’
The admiration of women by Pitbull doesn’t just start and stop in his lyrics (are you spotting them hidden in blog by the way?). Planet Pit has Que Rico, a project dedicated to gorgeous ladies and T-Shirts to go with this so ladies make sure you have got yours!
Pitbull may be Latin but you don’t have to be Latina to get his attention. Pit’s got the United Nations on lock down and there is enough ‘International Love’ to go all round. So don’t let the fact that you don’t speak Spanish put you off because ‘by the end of the night he’ll put the Spanish in you and you’re be saying Aay Papa!’  You can be sane or even better, freaky, just plain Krazy and anywhere on the globe and you know Pit loves that as he samples a Lisa Stansfield adaptation and says “I been all around the world and I-I-I I find nothing but loca’s..dame mami, ven p’aca”
If  ‘you got it, he get it, he hit it, you GONE’.  Pitbull may not come across to the naked eye as the marrying type. But then again he may surprise you and possibly come back with “No ring on her finger? Well this is her tattoo”. Mr World Wide may claim not to be your Mr Right and instead be your Mr Right Now BUT!  There may be more than meets the eye and ears and if you get through to the next layer there may just be another side to our man, and I’m going to go with my women’s intuition and say that he really does appreciate us women and has a lot of love and respect for us in all contexts whatever that may be and that maybe, just maybe, one day he will want that something more. Someone who combines brains, fishnets and a business suit, go into some kind of protection mode for him with a bit of independence as he sings in My Kinda Girl. But that can happen anytime so Pit you better keep your eye on the ball or you may catch yourself saying “ F***!  I talk so much she TOOK MY LOVE”  
 Dale YeeeeYAW!
 Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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