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As featured on 29th October 2012

Dear God, what is happening HERE? Have you seen the new Pitbull featuring TJR video for Don’t Stop the Party? Topless and t***ies all over the place! The topless one is Pitbull (Bet you didn’t expect that? Lift up your jaw and put your tongue back in ladies!) The latter are pretty much naked ladies strategically wrapped in silk bed sheets or the odd one pressing her breasts behind the shoulder pads of Pitbull’s suit as he sits on the edge of the bed. Either that or bulging out in their bikini’s frolicking away. Fella’s if you pay close attention you may catch a glimpse of some ‘girl on girl’ action. It’s no wonder with all this human caused ‘heat’ it looked so exciting and ‘excitable’. Even for the leading man (enough said!).
From the bed to the boat, to the pool to the club, to right back on the boat again. A party wouldn’t be a party without DJ Chino spinning the tracks and bottles of Voli and there was certainly a lot of that flowing everywhere too. It was almost like one big booze cruise! (Where was my invite?!)
The video gets deeper with the ‘risqué’ factor, which has been the pattern of late. Such as in what I named the Fifty Shades of Pitbull for his Let’s Get It Started video, but this time with a fun element added to it. Pitbull was definitely getting everyone “Loose, Loose” and seemed a lot more chilled out and laid back. Pit even let his hair down, no pun intended, for this video with a quick costume change back and forth from his suave tie and suit to his shorts-stroke-swimming trunks, don’t think we’ve seen that format before either!
Having the ‘Key to Miami’ also means you have a certain responsibility along with the power to tell the residents that it’s imperative to maintain certain standard of social activity within the area and perhaps have a small plane fly a banner saying “Don’t Stop The Party” just to ensure that this message is received, understood and adhered to by all.
The video is again wonderfully directed by David Rousseau who is the pioneer of many of Pitbull’s previous videos such as Back In Time and Get It Started to name a few. I like Mr Rousseau, he GET’s Pitbull and his lyrics. His creativity, themes and direction of videos does justice to the songs and connect with those that are watching them.
LOVE IT. I shouldn’t have to tell you that Don’t Stop The Party is going to be featured on Pitbull’s seventh studio album Global Warming due to hit us on November the 19th. I can’t do any justice telling you about it, you’ve got to watch the video for yourselves and at the same time feel the vibe, energy and shake your booty and anything else that you can jiggle as you do.
Ziga-Ziga-Ziga-Ziga-ZOW…Don’t ‘cha dare stop the party NOW!  Dale – YeeeeYAW!
By Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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