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As featured on 3rd July 2012

So what makes Mr Worldwide so different from the rest?

Pitbull really is something else. I think the guy has created a genre of music of his own. You can’t put Pit in a box. A crossover in every sense he’s not only a rapper that just happens to be Latin but also just happens to have got the music industry wrapped up altogether and as I say that I hear an echo of lyrics in one of his younger hustling days “Got the industry scared like (a certain type) of test” Sending out  words of preparation to the world that the Lil’ Chico is on his way so be ready. Coming back to today, see how the tables have now positively turned as you see artists lining up in a queue to work with Pitbull, at least that is what I see from where I’m standing.

Rather than flash the cash, ice and bling..Pitbull is always working hard and never  hardly working, Pitbull appears to believe in being ‘passionate, patient and persevering’ to achieve your dreams and is an inspiration to many others.  Being focused on the journey of doing what he enjoys and does the best – making great music. Not to mention stringing together great one liners and being an overall lyrical genius with his play on words like a recent  “My name ain’t Keith but I see the way you Sweat me” Other older favourites are probably a bit too strong to mention here! JOSE MARTI certainly has a lot to answer for and that’s in a good way! The word ‘talented’ doesn’t do enough justice to this man.

Fame & fortune can take over an artist’s ego and their head gets blown out of proportion. Yet Pitbull acknowledges the brutal truth that without fans an artist would not be who they are and that is why Mr Armando Bond 00305 AKA Mr Worldwide has so much love from his fans. Everyone loves Pitbull -Mr Genuine, Mr REAL, Mr Humble and not forgetting Mr Sexy with a big fat capital S.

Innovator, trendsetter, not a follower by any means. If you check the tour dates it’s a constant grind. Globe trotting Pit,  ’emphasising’ different locations, countries and so on..  Notice how after Mr Worldwide declared the world as his oyster, how other American artists from the same region are now stressing different locations in their videos- that’s just my observation.

Constantly living out of suitcases ”can’t stop, won’t stop” ,yet he finds time and ways of churning out hit after hit- he’s a one man hit factory!( Keep up Wikipedia!) – who saw that photo of him recording a song in a hotel room with a mattress up against the wall to get a better sound? “KraZy!” How many passports have you got through Mr WW, do tell us.

A brand within himself, sexy, smart, smooth and a snappy dresser, very gentlemanly and far from the bog standard baggy jeans with half the ass sticking out with boxers on show with a grill on his teeth, Armando is…Armando Bond in stylish suits with a sexy clean image. How refreshing! Charismatic and charming with a lovely warm aura, A chick magnet and we can’t differentiate that from a lot of other music videos with sexy girls sprawled all over him.  However, the difference being is that the guy appears to appreciate REAL women and not stick insects ..Appreciates CBB – that’s Curves Bums and Boobs…HOORAY!!!

Great business sense. The man once said 90% business and 10% talent.  Brains as well as ‘man-beauty’ and for someone who not only has his own his own label (MR305Inc) with artists like NAYER and MADAI to name a few and even created his own planet. (that’s PLANETPIT to us) and hovers over the earth. Who says you can’t have both? And top it off with a Latin Billboards award, how’s that for icing on the cake.

Our unsung hero, Mr Perez appears to have been involved in good causes in one way or another at some point.  Yet this is never OVER emphasised anywhere, no fancy PR stunts, nada. All out of pure good intentions straight from the heart, and that’s what really counts.  Talking of PR lets not forget to mention Pitbulls supporting people of today that contribute to his success –Go MANAGERS!, FAMOUS ARTIST MUSIC, BIGTEACH , SUPA CINDY, (PLANETPIT), MR PURPLE, DJ BUDDHA, DJ CHINO to mention a few. GO ALL OF TEAMPITBULL!!..Its just HUGE Oh and us FANS too! In fact a round of applause all round!

I remember the time when in the UK no one had heard of Pitbull,  when I was hounding my DJ friends relentlessly at some of London’s top nightspots ” listen to this guy!..Seriously he’s brilliant!!!…Play CULO! Play CULO!.”  Fast forward to the here and now!. ” See I told you about him ages ago! …Told You he is AMAZING!”
Sharing the journey in some ways and watching him grow from a far, far away… musically, lyrically, image, dabbling in different kinds of music, I can’t help but get a sense of feeling thankful and proud of what he has achieved and the person he has become. weirdly almost like a proud parent would. As the lyrics go “ They don’t call me  Mr 305(Worldwide) for nuthin’- I earned that shhhhhh*t’”.

Underdog in Miami to top dog of the world. See how his lyrics, image, style of music has evolved from day dot around the M.I.A.M.I album days to now…YET…his fan base has sustained and grown even more and existing base grown even stronger through these changes. DON’T GET ME WRONG I love the man and his music to bits but I also don’t wear rose tinted glasses either, if I didn’t like something I would be his first critic (constructively of course). Having said that I have so much respect for the guy.
So how many degrees of separation, differentiation is that now? I’ve lost count…
On that note, as I stand tall in military fashion, and say ….”Mr Worldwide, I SALUTE YOU” (wink 😉 And there’s only one thing left to say after that..DALE ..Eeeee-Yaaaw!

By Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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