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As featured on 26th June 2012
There’s only one man in black that I want to see. It’s not Big Willie but our very own Lil’ Chico! Someone please pick up my jaw up off the floor I’m getting carpet burns on my chin from gawping at Pitbull in his lovely black suit and dark enigmatic glasses.
All about the PIT and the MIB! For those what have been hibernating for the last few weeks, where have you been? Our lovely Pitbull has penned the cover song for the new Men In Black 3 film. (Is that what you were writing in the photo you recently released writing in a room in a vest?) Nice one Pit!!! Cue the whistles, foghorns and vuvuzela’s. I’m even going to get the bunting out for this special occasion!
First taking over the world as we know it, then adding Planet Pit to the galaxy and now messing around with time travel. Limitation is a dirty word and possibly not one that exists In Pitbulls vocabulary!
Amongst others, we especially have to thank the film directors nineteen year old daughter who is reported to have told her father about our Pitbull as the best man for the job. Great taste chica and well done for getting your Pop’s onto the Pit Train, whoop whoop!
The song itself is different to what Pit has created before I feel. Always breaking musical borders, testing tastes and opening up people’s minds to explore new sounds. I wouldn’t expect anything less “Surprise me, baby”, that is what I would say, and he does. Every. Single. Time.
A reflection on going ‘Back in time’ as its title and the movie suggests it would only make sense to understand that “in order to understand the future, you have to go back in time” and feature an old school sample which in this case is that of  ‘Love is strange’ which was a number one hit in the 1950’s for Mickey & Sylvia.
I like it. I think that it has a light, fun feel to it and is not overly serious but has a playful mood to it as does the video that reflects some aspects of Armando’s personality and one that relates to his fans as they know him. It’s funky and catchy and will have your feet tapping within the first few bars into the song.
Listen to it, own it and remember to pay attention as Pitbull reports ‘Live from Cape Canaveral’
One thing left to say for now Agent A: “Baby, Oh baby, Oh baby, My sweet baby, You’re the one.” Ay Papi, Ay Papi …You most definitely are the one….

By Serina – Pitbull Fan Unleashed!

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