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AY AY AY! It’s Pitbull & Kim Viera


Ay Ay Ay! Pitbull adds his magic onto Kim Viera’s latest single.  A fierce and sexy vibe with instant appeal with an infectious hook that is still buzzing inside the head long after the music has stopped. A great combination with Kim’s alluring vocals teamed up with Pitbull’s raspy rap (Armando Perez is his name). Kim Viera having written songs for artists such as Lil Wayne to collaborating with Daddy Yankee for ‘Como’ has got that Ay Ay Ay and Mr Worldwide in full force with reminiscent of that old school fierce flow and lyrical content with substance:

“Mami got that thang – I like that. Mami got that branding – I like that”

“Casa De Campo – got that” (guessing it’s his 30Sinco restaurant?)

“Million dollar investments – got that” (too many to mention!)

“Restaurants and bars – got that” (iLov305?)

“Hollywood Star -Got that!” (Pitbull’s hands are well and truly cemented on that famous walkway!)And on it goes rhyming about Miami history and taking over the game in various ways.

I’m no DJ, although I claim a DJ lives in my head and is mixing the exact point at Kim Viera’s chorus “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, I got that Ay, Ay,Ay,Ayyy” with Pitbull’s flow and rhymes in Everybody Get Up featuring Pretty Ricky part as “We gon’ kill ’em in the club with this one- tear the club the *** up”

Any Globalization DJ’s up for making it real out there?

Heavy bass mixed with Latin flavour. Seductive and fiery.



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