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Pitbull brings desi flavour to Miami, mixes in some Spanglish and throws some Punjabi hip hop beats out worldwide with the latest single Slowly Slowly Guru Randhawa.

We know he Pitbull likes having fun with two and including himself makes it three so why not do the same with language in music? English, Spanish, Punjabi be ready to be quickly-quickly dazzled by Slowly Slowly!

You don’t need to understand Spanish to enjoy many of Pitbull’s catalog and neither do you need to understand Punjabi much either to get hooked on this catchy track. Although being a ‘Gujjie girl’ I’m picking up some new Punjabi lingo along the way! Mr Education strikes again bringing us worldwide music and blending cultures through sounds.thumbnail_IMG_7916

The infectious song was produced by Bushan Kumar of T-Series. Written by Guru Randhawa and Pitbull with music by DJ Shadow Dubai, DJ BlackOut, DJ Money Willz, MKSHFT and Vee Music.

Pitbull teaches us some geography of India come straight in with “From Mumbai to Pune, New Delhi to Calcutta” To back to singing about the mami’s and looking out for those ladies who’s “Booty so big, I called it Fat Tuesdays” in a reference to the bar on Ocean Drive Miami.


While Guru Randhawa talks about a girl dancing ‘slowly slowly’ and guys ‘hit’ or taken in by her moves. “Tere moves ok, tere look ok” ( your moves and look are ok) while trying to find out her name as he asks “Ki ay tera naam?” Don’t get too Comfortable Guru Randhawa you’re not the only one showing interest as Pitbull breaks in some Espaniol near the end with “Me enchanta como ella – ella bailas, me encanta como ella se mueve” mesmerised by how she dances and moves.

Nothing slow around the release of this single as we get both song and video together. The video directed by Gifty in Miami sunshine and palm trees. As the two men who love a good suit get ready. Some More cultural selection and representation – If you’re quick watching Guru Randhawa getting ready at the beginning you can catch the silver bangle called a Kadha/Kada which is a Sikh symbol and reminder to do God’s and their Guru’s work and values and a symbol of brotherhood.

In a white mansion full of women dancing away enjoying a house party in the 305 fully equipped with a yacht in the back yard and swimming pool. While the Most Bad Ones Jenny, Teena and Shanice stick closely to Mr Worldwide in this smooth and sexy easy on the eye video.

Captivating song and video blending a fusion of cultures and sounds together. Dale!

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