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In March 2018 Larry Milian (The Amigo), Sports Broadcasting Teacher and Program Director of SLAM Talk Radio and also the host of the Good Morning Amigo show took me on a tour of where SLAM Radio was yet to be.

A memory comes flashing back where we went to the empty room where the studio was to be built. The walls and floor were bare. I’m looking out for a while at Little Havana and the downtown Miami skyline taking it all in with the warmth from the heat of the sunshine through the floor to ceiling window. Being ‘in the moment’ as Mr Worldwide may say. Still yet silently excited by what is to come. I turn around and see Amigo sitting cross legged on the floor deep in thought and speaks about his vision of SLAM Radio. We joke that once it’s built I will come back and invites me to the show.

Fast forward a year March 2019 and I am beyond thrilled to return to visit the school and new radio station. To experience how far it has come. The layout of SLAM Radio is far from what I had imagined. Unique, relaxed and inspiring. Hexagon like shapes on the wall matching the colour scheme of the school uniforms green, blue and white.


Half expecting a ridged layout of a ‘typical’ radio station. It couldn’t have been more of the opposite. It is relaxed, full of light, airy, inspiring and oozing high energy.

The ‘Amigo’ takes the hot seat for his show Good Morning Amigo every weekday 7am to noon by an unusually shaped curved table by the floor to ceiling window. Bringing in the Miami sunshine. Little Havana below and downtown Miami in the horizon. Joined by co-host Danny Bueno. Microphones mounted on the table along with a Pitbull Marlins bobble sitting on the table. Behind Larry more inspirational quotes along the wall and window.

On the left a large window where producer Frank Fernandez works his magic and joins in on conversations through a glass. On the opposite side of the room a sofa for guests with the SLAM Radio logo above it. A light changing DJ Booth. The even bigger surprise was Larry who also does live mixes on the decks and a very cool Pitbull mix especially that day.

It was great to be able to be in the same room where the Live radio show was taking place and also streamed on You Tube. I thought Larry was joking about me being on air and puts me on the spot, as he often does! Directing me to the guest seat, puts me on the spot and off we go talking about SLAM, my past visit and other current entertainment topics. Check out the video below:


Even the President of SLAM Charter School network Rene Ruiz is very much hands on with SLAM Radio and can be heard discussing sport at 1pm on a Friday.

It’s also not uncommon to catch Jenny Valdes one of Pitbull’s incredible backing dancers The Most Bad Ones also Founder and CEO of Limitless Legends on the Good Morning Amigo show.

With absolute admiration for Jenny not only as a highly skilled dancer in her game but also as an individual through conversations whereby I have been moved upon listening to Jenny share her wisdom. Jenny’s humble, inspirational and motivational spirit beams through her welcoming and warm personality like a ray of sunshine.

I caught up with Jenny at the station for a chat. Delving more into the brand and what Limitless Legends is for those that may not be familiar with it.

“Limitless Legends is a motivational brand whose sole purpose is to inspire individuals to unleash their potential, and create their legacy. We target children and young adults to show them that they’re limitless and can accomplish all things they set their mind to as long as they work hard and believe in themselves. We are always inspiring to live limitless.” Says Jenny who went onto tell us what kind of topics a listener new to SLAM radio expect to hear when Jenny is on air  “Listeners can expect to hear a lot about sports, especially basketball and how much I love Miami sports”

Jenny has been working with SLAM school students and there is a lot of coverage and motivational social media videos on what Jenny does with SLAM. Keen to find out more about this I asked Jenny to elaborate more on her involvement with SLAM school “I truly love the students at SLAM. I have done a couple of speaking engagements with them and have gone to support a couple of sporting events as well. I also mentor some students. SLAM is a big family and I love being part of it.”

Having asked what being on SLAM Radio means, Jenny’s response was “I feel as though it’s an amazing opportunity to be part of history and be involved with the students. I love to experience growth and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Rene Ruiz, Larry Milian, Frank Fernandez, Danny Bueno, Amanda Milian for the warm welcome. For having me on the Good Morning Amigo show, taking the time to show me around and simply for being your wonderful, kind, warm, friendly selves and to everyone behind the scenes who made this happen and gave me more wonderful memories from my time at the school.

More SLAM in pictures below. Make sure click onto follow the accounts below! Dale!


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