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Another shot and it’s Pitbull with Bria Lee in the mix

One Shot – Fat Joe opens the intro, two shots and Pitbull slides in! It’s the remix of One Shot by Bria Lee featuring Fat Joe with Mr Worldwide jumping on the track.

One Shot has an edgy soul and Jazz meets old school Hip Hop vibe with a vocal-touch reminiscent of Amy Winehouse at times. Bria’s arresting vocals demand attention and keep us captivated throughout the song by the powerful story being told.  A story about substance abuse, unhealthy relationships. Showing how these combined have a knock on effect mentally and leave some stuck in a vicious and toxic cycle.

Cleverly written, the verses are catchy and easy to follow. Each line in a sequence of number of shots in both contexts and a different picture of the story. Tune those ears in in as Bria sings “My-My-My Broken record plays” where it soon becomes apparent that it’s a playful spin on emulating a broken record stuck in a repetitive motion. Adding further subtle reflection on being caught up in an unhealthy repetitive pattern.

Signed to Republic Records and managed by The Latin Prince, Bria Lee brings distinctive flair and flavour with a hint of quirkiness. Purple Clouds being the first single released last year and now teaming up with heavy weights in global music Pitbull and Fat Joe for One Shot. Rising star Bria is certainly making her presence felt and causing a stir as this refreshing new talent from New York is beginning to shake things up.

“Having Fat Joe be a part of ‘One Shot’ was pretty epic, but now to have Pitbull hear the song and want to be a part of it is a perfect way to blend soul with a street edge. I love how Pitbull’s flow adds an international vibe. I hope you enjoy the ‘One Shot’ Remix!” Says Bria as the new mix premiered exclusively on Billboard.

As Pitbull moves in after the first verse, dissect and pull apart Pitbull’s rhymes and we can strip off various levels of depth. From talking about the domination and street life in Miami back in the day as snippets of Pitbull’s rap flow

“..Little Havana where them boys wear guerrilla and clips for bananas……
“But I try see them try to scam us
I remember when they used to call…..”
…”So they got me all Bahamas
One Shot- Dominican power where they flip everything…”

Pitbull goes on “Fat Joe open the door, Big Pun he took over, Then I slid in light skinned Cuban Hova” Taking listeners on a walk down music history of how Fat Joe paved the path and the legendary late Big Pun took over. Very fitting as One Shot has the original sample of Beatnuts ‘Off The Books’ (1997) which featured Big Pun and where today Fat Joe now takes over a similar flow on Bria Lee’s One Shot. Very ‘New York’ with it being the home town of Fat Joe, Big Pun and also Bria Lee who has stepped into the music scene representing the Big Apple.

Pitbull goes a step further and slides in stating himself as the Cuban ‘Hova’. In a reference to Jay Z, also a fellow New Yorker. The work of an artist whom Mr Worldwide also admires.

Not one to miss an opportunity for marketing his own brand (why not?), Pitbull closes with brazenly directing the audience to the location of his new venture on Ocean Drive, off 11th Avenue “I’m on Ocean and 11th, iLov305” Taking it back home to Miami where Pitbull’s bar and restaurant chain iLov305 opened earlier this month on Pitbull’s birthday 15th of January. iLov305, an establishment where it goes without saying, is Voli 305 Vodka infused and whatever happened there, didn’t happen.

Addictive rhymes, a must listen and bet you catch yourself singing along to this remix with Pitbull on it.

Dale! Get your copy! Available on iTunes Amazon Google Tidal Spotify Apple Music

Bria Lee

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