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ILOV 305!

Clever, very clever Armando! Interest and investments in Mangos Tropical Cafe and The Sugar Factory. Take some parts of both and create a NEW baby with class- iLov 305!

Varied menu with innovative desserts like smashing a chocolate pinata ball to gigantic cocktail glasses to industrial sized fish bowls. Dancers in feather head pieces in a carnival like theme to a man playing his bongo’s. All this dropping on and off the bar and walk way areas above. Not forgetting the mini palm trees.

Classy, stylish and party ambience – qualities much like it’s owner!

A rose wall beaming neon lights ‘Hello Gorgeous’ to an image of Pitbull on every pillar and post not to let anyone forget who’s gaff this is!

An extensive food menu of his very own Voli 305 Vodka drinks.

You can even catch DJ Africa, DJ Laz to Pitbull’s very own DJ Chino on some nights here. Let’s take a stroll through the new neighbour of the Versace house on Ocean Drive, Miami.

Remember, what happened there, never happened!

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