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OCEAN to OCEAN, Pitbull is something that you gotta SEA.

From OCEAN to OCEAN, Pitbull is something that you gotta see or should I say SEA. Pitbull’s latest hit Ocean To Ocean with Rhea is featured in the soundtrack of the film Aquaman where Mr Worldwide takes us back to his favourite era the 80’s as he gives us an infectious, empowering and uplifting vibe with his spin on the song ‘Africa’ by Toto.

Pitbull has previously emphasised the personal importance of the ocean “The ocean, the sea and any body of water, to me, is true freedom. The ocean has always been the border from where my parents came from Cuba and the United States, which gives us freedom. That’s why I respect water. Bottom line: water gives us freedom.” 

Go a little bit deeper into the sea and we can see Pitbull’s love for the ocean and the freedom it gives stretches further out to the horizon with previous songs Free Free Free and Freedom around the Pitbull Cruise, other partnerships with the Norwegian Cruise Line along with involvement in the global water crisis on World Water Day with the United Nations earlier this year join up the dots and see that this song talks about the ocean yes, but also blessing the rains down in Africa.

Listening to Pitbull’s rhymes on Ocean to Ocean an instant thought of his Rebelution Album yes Pitbull has grown so much since 2009 the year of ‘Freedom’ and the Rebelution album, yet Ocean to Ocean conjures up that same sense of drive, fighting spirit and struggles along the journey. Spitting rhymes with force and conviction audience can actually feel the story in the verse.

Pitbull raps about the fight along the journey how he’s been with a reference to the late 2Pac and and living the story dubbed to be a portrait of the Roaring Twenties the Great Gatsby described as a tale of the American Dream, fortune and women amongst other things “Stepped on, left for dead, Always against all eyez like 2Pac said. I’m the living Great Gatsby”

Bringing more art to his colourful journey Armando Bond throws in his own love for the streets “Still got love for these streets, 305 till I die” to street art as he talks about Banksy and how quick Pitbull too is on the move and disappears “But these boys will watch you quick and disappear like Banksy” Banksy is an anonymous British street artist and graffiti artist who paints on public surfaces and disappears, unseen, unnoticed. Apart from his artwork which can be seen and left a big impression around the streets like Mr Worldwide. 

Pitbull, forever with messages and educating the audience through rhymes and quotes Pitbull emphasises  “Sleep is the cousin of death, so I don’t sleep!” 

Cheeky word play on boys that act hard but know that they are sweet just like the properties of a grape! “They wouldn’t bust a grape at a food fight, Papo please”

More magic is added to capture the essence of this song with Rhea on the chorus as they both compliment each other chorus and verse


Ocean To Ocean available on iTunes Google Play & Amazon

Stream Tidal (no water/ocean pun intended) Spotify & Apple Music
Aquaman the film opens December 21st

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