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London Gets A Piece Of BritBull

‘London’s burning, London’s burning, fetch the engine’ as the nursery rhyme goes – but please don’t put out this ‘fireball’ who’s just rolled into town! The Miami boy in London gets off the chain right from the start. 

As Pitbull opens up for Britney Spears for the Piece Of Me tour on the first of three nights at London’s O2 the crowd seem a little possessed as I take moment to look around.

As a fan who went to Pitbull’s very first London concert in 2008 just across the road Indigo O2 which is a smaller, intimate venue to jumping to the stage over the road to the O2 it’s been an amazing journey to watch the in between years and growth since.

The introductory backdrop before Pitbull hit the stage at 7:30pm was a large screen narrated by Tony Robbins with whom Pitbull will be touring with on Unleash The Power Within 2019 as a speaker. Tony describes how Pitbull is making history, making something out of nothing, taking his life from negative to positive, a successful artist all over the world and other characteristics and achievements with impactful messages about Pitbull which flash up on screen such as the words entrepreneur, visionary, motivational speaker, businessman and educator. You could say that Tony Robbins is subliminally educating the those in the audience that may not know many other things about him.

As The Most Bad Ones make their sultry way onto stage with a sampler of Pretty Woman (a suitable sample for these talented stunners) Pitbull joins the baddies and opens up with Don’t Stop The Party and that was it, the energy in the O2 lifted to a higher level. 

DJ Chino keeping the tunes spinning, signature fist pumps in the air while the best dancers in the business- yes THE best dancers in the business I say without any hesitation, The Most Bad Ones kept their booty’s and the bootys of everyone else in the crowd moving through the whole show.

As Pitbull continues to please with a medley of hits greeted with more roars of approval and sing-alongs in the crowd as Mr Worldwide delighted with popular global hits like Hotel Room, Feel This Moment, Timber, On The Floor, Calle Ocho, I Like It, and DJ Got Us Falling In Love.

Pitbull thanks London, the fans and Britney and her team for allowing him to share this experience. I’m convinced Pitbull came out with more fans than he went into the O2 with not only through his music, energy and positive snippets in between songs but Mr Worldwide clearly ‘gelled’ and created a common feeling of rapport with the primarily Britney fans by acknowledging the princess of pop which was greeted with many cheers, roars in between the silences as the crowd listened quietly and attentively as Mr Worldwide spoke to the audience.

Pitbull said “I’m a big fan of Britney not with what she’s done with her career but what she has gone through with her career. They’re talking about somebody they dragged all the way down and they wiped the floor with her and she came back bigger, better, badder, stronger. If there’s anything I love and I respect, that’s an underdog- ‘cos I’m an underdog, we’re underdogs….” and continued praising Britney’s fight and what life is about.
Thank you Pitbull, The Most Bad Ones, Chino and Britney for a mesmerising show. Being a fan and admirer of Pitbull and Britney Spears from the beginning of their career it was a real treat to have them in the same show together. Feeling a little spoilt, but as Pitbull may say “I luurve dat”

No sooner has Mr Worldwide checked into Hotel 305 on stage and then checked out, we just can’t get enough. So it’s dale for now as Mr Worldwide imparts more wisdom to the audience 
“Don’t let the phone take over your life, you take over the phone. Don’t take so many pictures that you miss the big picture. Enjoy life…” Then soon after it’s time for Britney, bitch!

Check out the video below ( including Pitbull’s tribute to Britney) and more

Thank you, enjoy and dale!


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