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They say all good times come to an end. This is not entirely true! Although no Pitbull Cruise 2019 yet (I’m being optimistic!) watching the Pitbull Free Free Free video featuring Theron Theron conjures up a strong whiff of nostalgia and wonderful memories of the 2017 and 2018 Pitbull Cruises. Thanks to Greg Watermann, who directed the video and encapsulates the energy and experience of the ‘Time Of Our Lives’ by Pitbull fans from around the world to just be FREE FREE FREE.

From pulling out the calms seas of the Port of Miami, “taking it from Miami, the pineapple” with Pitbull talking about how when he was young and looked at the cruise ships and say “ One day I wanna be able to get on a cruise” to going onto what a blessing and how his father used to bring boats over in El Mariel and to now be a Godfather to his own cruise ship. Inspiring others by going onto say that you can do anything you want to do in life.

To getting straight into the mother of all parties. From the dazzling concerts, meet and greets, Voli 305 Vodka girls, Pitbull getting chatty and working the crowds, hanging with the kids in the play areas, a hug with a dinosaur, The Most Bad Ones Dance Boot Camps, jumping crazy to see an Uncle Luke Hat in the crowd, to Abuela 305 with Mr Worldwide and a snippet of Pitbull autographing a $50 note and giving it to a young boy in the crowd after a motivational talk and much more.

I want to say a very special thanks for the Rockstar photographer himself the wonderful Greg Watermann for capturing and featuring our ‘selfie of a selfie’ in the video too and other shots I creeped into.

From a personal perspective, the video just makes smile throughout with amazing memories. Fans love of Pitbull spills over to many of his team and Greg Watermann too is very special to us. 

The gift that all Greg Watermann images and videos bring, is bringing these moments to LIFE. That is the beauty and magic of the Rockstar Photographer’s work. To see, feel and absorb the moment and smile all the way throughout the video. Then hit play again, and again! Whether you were physically on the ship or not. Greg made it possible for all fans united to feel like we were altogether in these moments.

A summer anthem with a touch of soca, definitely ‘feeling free, free free’. With a twist of the Merrymen sampler Feeling Hot Hot Hot, The song gives a feeling of freedom and an escapism from the norm where we can catch Pitbull ‘on the top deck – no roof’. Agreed no one is ready to go home from the cruise Pitbull – Pitbull Cruise 2019 Mr Worldwide?


(Kept the youtube times on purpose fans! So you can find yourselves!)

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