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There was a Pitbull ‘unleashed’ in London last night! 
Pitbull dazzled the crowd at Excel London at the Tony Robbin’s Unleash The Power Within in more ways than one.
Firstly, Mr Worldwide got the energy in the room even higher with sizzling performances of Echa Pa’lla, Fireball, Don’t Stop The Party and of course showing how he took his life from negative to positive with Give Me Everything.
Secondly, Pitbull gave a powerful motivational talk full of Pitbull wisdom nuggets we as fans know and love to hear and be reminded again and again with the story of how his mum slapped his hand as Pitbull tried to switch off Tony Robbins in his mums car radio. To taking short steps but having that long vision in business and life.
The biggest risk you take is not taking one, the music business and entrepreneurship within and how other players play and how he sets himself apart to get ahead and take over the game. That Instant gratification doesn’t exist! History and journey of hustling in the streets to becoming an international music star and entrepreneur. Legacy – Sports Leadership And Management schools (SLAM) and with that how money doesn’t make you happy it’s what you do with it that does and giving back isn’t a responsibility, it’s an obligation. 
Pitbull says he is NOT a celebrity, but a hard worker. Straight out of the mouth of Mr Humble Worldwide. How failure is the mother of all success. These are only a few inspirational food for thoughts to educate the mind and spirit. The harder Pitbull works the luckier he gets. A gifted way with words that deliver the message with a sharp punch and leaving footprints behind after the spoken words.
Thirdly, also one of THE most impressive points is that Pitbull was surrounded by a crowd that was not from the ‘usual’ Pitbull fandom who already knew what he was about and start cheering even before Mr Worldwide had even stepped onto the stage. We know that Pitbull knows how to move in a room full of wolves as the lyrics go, yet being first hand amongst quite possibly a predominantly non hardcore, die hard ‘Pitbull fan’ audience, I could observe how he moves and works a room like this from the stage and to give a powerful motivational talk that moved this crowd with his life story, wisdom, inspiration and being received by a new ‘market’ if you like, with cheers and applauses and roars of approval from the crowd. That was impressive. Charismatic Chico Pitbull is worldwide and audience-wide with the gift to gel and engage anyone and he talks A LOT of sense and lessons to take on board long after the talk has finished.
Without giving too much away, check out the videos below. Beginning with Tony Robbins introducing his good friend. Which is a good sign, especially as the young Armando couldn’t wait to switch Tony off in his mum’s car!

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