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Happy Birthday Pitbull RAP-POEM 2018

Happy Birthday Armando! My gift to you! A Rappeom with some of your highlights of 2017 in rhymes! Listen on the audio or read ahead! Have a wonderful day. Enjoy, thank you & Dale!

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For he’s a jolly good fellow our Pitbull chap!
Bring out the party poppers – everybody clap!

Count back to 2017 so much achieved
Sure in your mind it first conceived!

Are you ready? Then let’s go
No order – just let it flow!

Mr Worldwide, Armando, Chico, Pitbull’s the name
“I don’t let the game play me, I play the game”

Mr Worldwide Signature Series – Hard Rock Heals
Doin’ it for SLAM and education it’s a HUGE deal!

After Dark Party – The Pitbull Cruise
Voli 305 Vodka the official sponsor and booze!

Watch out! Conditions are about to rearrange
Climate in music is about to Change

Pitbull Educates Ya with that Sexy Body and more
We Are Strong – keep up on the dance floor!

Before heading off to the studios – Tuff Gong
Given the Green Light for the Wrestle Mania 33 Song!

We have Options with Stephen Marley,
Pit rides through Jamaica – is that a Harley?

Options video more Pitbull history in the making
Marley history too it’s ground breaking

The Bad Man, the Thicke and the Perry
Anyone catch the moment on Pitberry?

Hands on a real guitar hanging with the crew like birds of a feather
At 25,000 feet you think Pit cares about the weather?

Booked for Elusion Music Festival headline
Suited and booted dressed up to the nines

Hey Ma is it Fate of the Furious?
Lucky 8? Just curious

From the ones that make me chuckle to ones that strike a chord
Congratulations – Songwriters Hall of Fame Global Ambassador Award 

Make a big splash create a ripple effect – it’s a global movement
Only listened when I met Pitbull’s rhymes – now that’s a big improvement!

He’s from the dirty but that chico nice
No need to ask once or even twice

Pit got the jet fuelled up – ready to go!
Move cancer patients for treatment – US from Puerto Rico

Somos Una Voz to Starry Night Masquerade
To help efforts, provide relief and aid

Tune into SiriusXM for our fave DJ’s – I know y’all keen
Lucky for us Globalization moved to Channel thirteen

Time of Our Lives residency back again – Pitbull’s a stayer
Magazine interview – Vegas Player

Best of Vegas Pitbull Time of Our Lives – nominated
Residency show quite rightfully rated

Another School coming up in Atlanta
While FOX goes into SLAM – Tampa

From trying to switch off Tony Robbins in his mom’s car 
To being on stage with Tony, that Chico has come far!

Mr Education on TRL and all is well
Gift match a scholarship that’s pretty swell!

While his music storms up the chart 
Pitbull will out-work and out-hustle anyone with his lions heart

“When I say I, I mean us, I mean we”
Team work makes the dream work you see

Short steps, long vision
Forget long division

Took his letters and made them numbers right
Like he’s got nothing to lose everyday Pitbull still fights

To succeed is made it. success is to maintain it
Successful is to understand both levels – just like Pit

Armando loves the kids, heart worth more than gold – come and take a seat
Amigo For Kids 25th Anniversary Gala Lollipop Award – that’s sweet!

As Pitbull’s empire continues to thrive
iLov305 yet to come on Ocean Drive

Dreamforce, Real Wealth Expo, Insight With Icons – moving in different fields
Armed with business strategies that he wields

Ultimate Wealth and Achievement Summit,
Learn from Armando so your business doesn’t plummet! 

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery twenty seventeen
10% Talent, 90% Business if you know what he means

Inaugral Dick Clark Achievement – Latin AMA’s
Pitbull you never cease to amaze!

Por Favor, Jungle Fever, Mucho Culo – over to Pitbull’s Greatest Hits
Old school heaven and some new – it all fits!

Celebs Gone Good Nominee 2017 – That chico always good with a heart of gold
Always helping those in need without making a fuss or being told

Can’t stop, won’t stop so make some room
Cos I wanna dance like Muévelo Loca Boom Boom!

Milestone reached and Timber video Vevo one billion views – it’s goin’ down!
Messin’ around in the bars and Bahamas but Pitbull? He’s no clown

Many ‘Options’ available but Pitbull is the only real one
Nomination for three International Reggae and World Music Awards – Boom that’s done!

SiriusXM Pop 2K Holiday party take over if ‘September’ Earth, Wind and Fire doesn’t move you
Check your rhythm pulse something wrong there too!

Worldwide NYE Revolution – end of 2017 let’s mark
And ring in 2018 at Bayfront Park

Happy Birthday Armando keep going and keep growing
Keep the ventures, schools and business flowing
Shine bright and keep your light glowing


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Love always, Rina x  

(Copyrights held)


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