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Far as my eyes can see Pitbull looks great in 2D!

Better On Me video directed by David Rousseau features an animated Pitbull and Ty Dolla $ign taking us in their own style on a tour of the streets of Miami. Sketched on and bringing artwork and graffiti alive through the walls of Wynwood (Pitbull’s neck of the woods growing up) to the streets of Calle Ocho.

While Pitbull and Ty Dolla $ign bring the video alive through 2 Dimension,  The Most Bad Ones meet us in 3 Dimension as they dance through the streets adding sass to the murals behind them to stopping the traffic as they cross Calle Ocho leaving the Ball and Chain Bar behind.

We can’t have a visit to Calle Ocho and not stop by the Pitbull Art on the pillar so Shanice Fernandez covers that part while it would be criminal not to have a sip of Pitbull’s very own Voli 305 Vodka made in Miami- Don’t worry Stef Ruiz has it covered! I guess Pitbull can’t stop by without meeting a Celia Cruz mural on Calle Ocho (maybe she’s going to asking about those shoes!)

Caught also in action is artist Rigo Leon Herrera who makes the walls look even better with his striking colourful graffiti and murals.

What I also love about The Better On me Video is that it gives a sense of meaning. The streets of Miami to the neighbourhoods where Pitbull grew up with a great feel to it.

Very Miami, at times very Wynwood art meets Art Deco. Very refreshing and vibrant. Added to my favourite Pitbull video collection

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