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Carnaval is as carnaval does. Party Royalty collaborators Mr Worldwide and Claudia Leitte will be kicking off another mass party with eyes globally on Brazil at the official opening of the Salvador of Carnaval in February with a brand new song to get the party started – Carnaval.
High energy, infectious with sampler from a traditional Argentinian song called  “El Carnavalito” A mish mash of a every Latin vibe, perhaps a little ‘Zuamba’  That’s a bit of Zumba meets Samba. Either way there’s always something special that comes along with a collaboration between the two and if you can’t get to the carnaval then Claudia & Pitbull will bring the carnaval to you so get buying through the various options from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal to Deezer.
Making history yet again Mr Worldwide!


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