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Just four days left to vote for Pitbull for Miami Herald’s South Florida Visonary Award under the 305 Award category. Here’s just some of the reasons WHY Pitbull deserves the award and WHY we should all vote!

Among so many greats, Pitbull is instrumental for his efforts and achievements in his home town of Miami. Iconic Pitbull IS the beacon for and from the 305. Mr 305 took the 305 worldwide by shining light in his city and DOING monumental things for and in his city and educating the world about the 305. Even has his birthday officially declared as PITBULL DAY in the 305 by the mayor of Miami. Without further a-do so we can get on with the voting – a quick run-down of just some of Armando’s work in his home city.
Contribution to education by creating Chartered Sports Leadership and Management School SLAM 
Own music label created, brought from the 305 to the world Mr 305 Inc  
Technology Keynote speaker at Emerge Americas Miami to inspire and bring out innovation 
Contribution to local business via Miami Subs ownership 
Home of his own Voli Vodka (over 21’s)  
Awareness and tourism contribution to the 305 via partnering up  with Visit Florida 
Creating more awareness globally with support of other iconic businesses like Mango’s Tropical Café South Beach 
Bringing the New Years Eve Party TO the 305 with FOX Pitbull NYE Revolution from Bayfront Park
We don’t necessarily need to be IN or FROM Miami to see what a huge contribution Pitbull has made to the region – besides most of us fans live in Miami in our heads most of the time anyway! So place your votes and let’s get Pitbull the recognition he more than deserves. Thank you

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