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EEeeeYAW! Let’s just skip the rest of 2016 and get onto the Pitbull Cruise in March 2017 ‘Get on the ship and cruise the world’- well Miami to the Bahamas and back at least!

Pitbull’s Freedom is featured in the latest Norwegian Cruise Line commercial. We know Mr

Worldwide loves to go back in time, put his own twist on songs and with Freedom’s Pitbull chorus takes us back to the carefree and happy 60’s with an adaptation of I’m Free by the Rolling Stones to bring some of the Jagger swagger back in full Pitbull party style to kick off 2016 with an electro-poppy feel capturing the spirit of Norwegian Cruise, Pitbull’s motto of having fun and the commercial impact of being a memorable and catchy song with the visuals to go with it with a clear message – Let’s have some FUN and be FREE. Just live your life ‘cos you don’t live twice (this can all be done on the Norwegian Cruise liner!). I’m feeling it -It’s got that Bomp-ba-ba-ba-ba-bom.

Our boy raps about how he picked up a residency in Vegas making history (2015 goal- tick!) and the different ways himself and his dad associated with boats taking us back to the El Mariel album/Boatlift era briefly and back to his success today.

The bow-tie on the audio cover is also made up of the American flag- stars and stripes, the land of the freedom and very on point for the title and what the song represents.

Everyday above ground is a good day and every day on the ocean is just as great with more freedom!

Free to do what I want and have a good time – bring on the Pitbull Cruise ( don’t forget the Voli!)


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