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One, two, three, four
Grab a Voli – report to dance floor!
Pitbull’s birthday let’s have the time of our lives
Warm up the party – when’s Pitbull arrive?
Lil’ Chico everywhere add more lanes & another dimension
And there’s just too many great songs that year to mention
Without any border
& in no particular order
Pitbull the history making machine
Here’s most of what went down in 2015

Birthday surprise – students no work – no exam!
When Mayor Regalado declares “Pitbull Day!” at SLAM
“And Ambassador of Arts” says Governer Scott!
Adding SLAM expansion onto another plot
Later breaks ground in Nevada with shovel & hard hat
Down to earth – for the kids – Armando – he does that

eMerge Americas convention
Innovation, creativity, invention
Join Pitbull’s workshops session
Interactive, engaging with expression
Keynote speaker with lots to tell
Close of business – Ring that Nasdaq bell!

But DJ’s? – We know Pit luurves dat
It just got Sirius – Laz, Africa – what time you at?
Kleenex out you’ve been warned in advance
Pit’s sessions DJ Laz – A beautiful bromance
Y100 a night & award of Mr 305 – wahaaaay!
You know that Lil’ Chico runs M.I.A !

Flipagram artist of the month another first ever
More history without trying – that Chico he’s clever
Wham Bam new profile on Shazam
What’s Pitbull Listening to? – Let’s jam
iHeart Pitbull to Dale Spotify with fans – Q & A
I ain’t scary – Fan Unleashed session whattdya say?

Summer festival in Aruba
One day maybe even Cuba
Back to SoBe official sun care Line Miami Beach
Smart ‘n’ savvy – Pit doesn’t get burnt – speech!
Last snapped with a Kodak right over there
Now Piensas premiere up in Times Square
Over to Tussaud’s – better hire that extra security though
For that new Pitbull wax work in Orlando

80 thousand people in London – Wembley
Capital Summertime Ball – UK #PitbullGirls Assembly!
Radio 1 Scott Mills interview?
Now Pitbull knows ‘What’s an outside loo’
With Kiss FM talks of Sheeran – Ed
Would make one bangin’ collab – Nuff said!
Lil’ Chico big – It’s no child’s play
Plaque 4.4M sales alone in the UK!
Premios Juventud El Super Tour y Mi Artist Urbano
Congratulations! Arriba las manos!
Donald Trump, man, that ain’t cool Papo!
Guess ya better watch out for that El Chapo
United in ‘Mexican we all are’
Stand up to those sitting in glass towers that just go too far

Enter Dale The Album – a global movement
Infectious, hot & mi Espaniol? – Improvement
Songs storming up the chart
Fans pen to paper – Dale Fan Art
25th anniversary Universal Studios & Mango’s
How ‘bout a new Voli with the new Mango in Orlando!

Pitbull Presents his American Dream
Along with the rest of his amazing team
More history as 1st rapper Vegas residency
A week long Pitbull Vegas Presidency!
Pump it up at the Voli bar let’s do it with class
Raining Voli in Vegas – catch with shot glass!
All flew in for the ‘Time of Our Lives’
A #PitbullGirl take over – but Pit survives!

On the empire add yet another layer
Mr Worldwide an owner not a player
But games us fans can play
Kick it off in Vegas all day!
Pit ‘hit the jackpot-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-ching-ching!
Expansion Playboy gaming machine – Pit just doing his thing

Easy! No doubt about it – another song let’s pen
Pitbull rhymes on Empire – enter the Lyons den!
Now jump the puddle with Visit Florida – over to the UK
They call it soccer here – Fulham FC – dale – let’s play!
Then Pitbull bags yet another historical post
1st Latin American Music Awards host

More than a million diamonds – believe that when you’re told
Pitbull has a heart worth more than all the earth’s gold
Miami Children’s Health Foundation – Hall of Fame inductee
“I gotta do it baby, 305 Dade County make some noise!” shouts for Miamiiiiiiii

Penn & Teller or Paul Weller?
No a Pitbull Microsoft concert at Rockerfeller!
La Noche No Termina until Pitbull is spreading
The music, the love – Sofia Vergara’s wedding!
It can’t be a ‘Fiesta Latina’
Without the Baddest behind him in the American Airlines Arena

Everyday above ground is a good day
Sometimes it’s fun sitting on the ocean to play
Godfather to new ship – perform & then back on a plane
Norwegian Escape – congratulations you’re a dad again!

Here’s to the Heroes – for freedom they fight
So we can be safe & sleep at night
Money no longer a major issue – the world is mine – now ‘come see me!’
Fame & Fortune on CNBC
Latin Explosion continuing to pave the way
Visionary – global icon – Mr Worldwide is here to stay!

Festival People – everyone stay on the floor
Don’t Stop the Party – roll on the Dale Tour
Giving his everything as always a surprise with Taylor Swift
A delight to fans – what a gift!

2015 excitement, history, fun that’s the conclusion
Round off with another Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution
My perspective for 2016 – so please don’t convict us
Heard it from me & my money on Pitbull, Prince Harry, Florida – ‘Invictus’!
With lots of love & admiration
Thank you for the music, inspiration & motivation
Pitbull empire & music a worldwide eruption,
2016 & Looking forward to one hell of a ‘disruption!’
Keep on shining bright
Keep takin’ it to higher heights!
Sending you well wishes, lots of love & light
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Armando before you rush to catch another flight!

Rina P  (c)




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