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Did somebody say “Sexy Beaches! Hotels!” I believe Pitbull just did.

‘Mr 305 till I die’ has just been announced as a partner with Visit Florida to show the world exactly how they like to do it in the 305 as an ambassador. In a way which we know Pitbull enjoys doing very much, that is to reach different audiences. Yet in this case in the ‘travel’ context to attract a new generation through Mr Worldwide’s global fan base.

Pitbull took the 305 worldwide and now he will be taking the rest of Florida with him and bringing it to a concert near you on backdrops at concerts by including the #LoveFL hashtag on screens and at the Pitbull’s New Years Eve Revolution event.

In line with this recent announcement, Pitbull’s Sexy Beaches video will be filmed in his home State.

Visit Florida will have a strong promotional drive behind this new partnership with opportunities to win VIP passes for Pitbull’s New Years Eve Revolution on the Elvis Duran/The Morning Show on iHeart Radio. But it doesn’t stop there as Visit Florida will also be involved in meet and greet opportunities at concerts with further Pitbull engagement on their social media platforms.

It was only a matter of time! Congratulation Pitbull and Visit Florida on this amazing alliance, in celebration please check out my version of Welcome To Miami below..enjoy!

Dale EeeeYAW!

Welcome To Miami – Pitbull new Florida ambassador, hey!
And reppin’ the State with Visit Florida – come stay!
Palm trees, blue skies, sunshine & rays
Something for everyone to fill your days
Where the party don’t stop till the next afternoon
YO DJ! Drop that next Pitbull tune!

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