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Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull Let Me Be Your Lover video is released today and just in time for Valentines day.

Directed by Alejandro Perez, the video features a puppet Thunderbird-esque style (but with more elasticity and movement) Pitbull & Enrique creeping out from behind plant pots and just the right height to check out legs that go up forever and more Pit style mischief of looking up between these giant legs with some creeping into the ladies bathrooms for some more shocks!

Onto toy stores and Miami beach and getting their toy size ladies into a toy car and zooming around the mall between unassuming shoppers and escaping to the real roads causing havoc.
The rebels that they are going the wrong way up the street before bumping into a real Pitbull with sunglasses. After shakin’ it down the red carpet still in miniature form the guys grow before our eyes and make a run to take a shot of some potion with magical powers to bring them back to fun-size to get up to more trouble and fun one can only guess. So THAT’S how they got that small!


Spot the link between the red and white animated background parts and the ‘shock’ in the bathroom-WHERE are the boys dancing? Answers in the comments section below. Cute, fun, different with a cheeky little ‘Pitbull Pocket Rocket’ 
Click onto the cheeky chaps below to watch the video.

Dale EeeYAW!

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