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Birming-HAM (as Pitbull would pronounce) changed to BURNING-HAM as a Fireball rolled it’s way through and set it grey skies alight at the Fusion Festival, United Kingdom.

Pitbull along with the gorgeous Most Bad Ones shaking their moves and the incredibly talented Agents took the evening up to another level as the headliner closed the show for the first night and wowed the crowd.

For the very first time and Live in the UK, Pitbull performed his latest smash hit Fireball along with many other hits such as Don’t Stop The Party, Calle Ocho, Feel This Moment, and Back In Time.  The crowd were also treated to Latin Grammy award winning song with Papayo Echa Pa’lla as well as No.1 hit Timber which saw the Most Bad Ones changing into their denim hot pants and also the official merchandise Timber vests available at

Pitbull went from present to past and took it back with Shake and personal all time favourite where my love affair with all things Pitbull began, Culo!

The fascinating Most Bad Ones not only look amazing but also have great presence with the all important ‘tight’ but naturally flowing choreographed routines.

We have bands and then we have bands, and then we have The Agents. A group of exceptional musicians who give their everything to the audience who feel their synergy, real togetherness as a band and energy. Leaving us mesmerised by their sounds as they blast them out through their instruments into the crowd with so much passion and straight through your veins.

The most winning DJ Chino was happily spinning the sounds as he fist pumped his signature punches in the air throughout the show (I’m doing the W sign with my hands for you Chino!)

It was not so long ago that HRH Prince Charles indicated that perhaps he liked to show how its ‘Goin’ down at the Royal Palace and BoOGie OoGiE OoGiE jiGGLe WiGGLe ‘n’ DaNCe to some Timber and is a fan of Pitbull’s music. Now we have the love shown back as Mr Worldwide gives a performance at Fusion Festival, an event supporting The Princes Trust a charity founded by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales himself.

The Prince’s Trust supports youth who are unemployed or struggling with education and are at risk of exclusion from school. With that said, we can be reminded of a younger rebellious Pitbull when his life as a youth was ‘negative’ which is another reason why it can be understood why Mr Worldwide may be involved in supporting such causes, again for the less fortunate youngsters in a community and providing them with better choices in life. (See links below for further information and how you can be involved)

As always Pitbull gave us a welcomed reminder of how he is an example of how he took his life from negative to positive and for us to look forward to the positives in 2015. Motivating us here onwards with “Tonight the world is yours”

Pitbull may be cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails but he’s the hottest flame of a fireball. We could do with the Pitbull heat so don’t leave it too long to hit the UK again Pit. Pitbull, DJ Chino, The Agents, the Most Bad Ones THANK YOU for an amazing show as always.

Check out the the photos and scroll down further for videos courtesy of 4Music and an interviews with Mr Worldwide with Miquita Oliver.

Dale YeeeeYAW!


The Princes Trust:

Official Pitbull Merchandise:

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