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We all listen to Pitbull, but ever wondered what Pitbull is listening to from to time to time? Well wonder no more, looks like this month Pitbull has been jammin’ to Life’s a Beach by Heymous Molly, also under his own management team Latium Entertainment. The song also happens to be The Dirty Southaners first

production to be featured on the front page of iTunes ‘What’s Hot’ and within its first week also hit No.54 on the iTunes pop singles chart.

Unusually, Mr Worldwide tweeted what he was jammin’ to, so off I go to have a little listen and see what’s causing Pit to tweet and what’s floating his boat this month. A pleasant surprise awaits! It is THIS hot summer, feel good track storming its way through.

A drink in your hand and toes in the sand and being kissed all over by warm sunshine, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just bottle that feeling? Looks like now you can with a beat and a rhyme to evoke those emotions whether you’re on a beach or walking through the pouring rain, it seems to do the trick (the latter tried and tested by myself). Thanks Pit, now it’s stuck in my head 24-7, but happily stuck may I add.
As you’re already jammin’ away to it, how about a little cheeky Pitbull remix, dip those toes into this genre too,  plus I can already hear the remix in my head. Having given it more thought, we all know who is Pitbull and now what he has been listening to this month,  yet one question that still baffles is who is Heymous Molly?

Click on the feet in the image above and check out Heymous Molly’s Facebook!

Dale EeeYAW!

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