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Mr ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ Worldwide kicked off the biggest party on the planet tonight in a country known as being the ‘spiritual home’ of football.

All the flags were up in the sky while the eyes around the globe were on Pitbull as the Lil’ Chico opened the World Cup 2014 games with a bang. Performing the official World Cup Song We Are One in Sao Paulo, Brazil alongside Claudia Leitte and Jennifer Lopez.

As a gigantic ball in the centre of the pitch split into little wedges and fell to the sides to create a platform, Claudia Leitte springs onto the scene followed by a rising platform which seemed to have a life of its own resulting in Pitbull giving JLO, his serial partner in rhyme, a hand up before they joined Claudia and got the crowd really going. Surrounded by vibrant colours, dancers, capoeira and other performers representing all things Brazil. 

Pitbull was fabulous as always and worked the crowd with the biggest smile.  Some regions experienced sound issues but was soon an issue that could be overlooked as the visuals took over and the Lil’ Chico worked his unique brand of magic! Pitbull, JLO and Claudia Leitte had co-ordinated their colours to represent the host nation. Jenny in a sexy green number, Claudia looking hot in blue and Pitbull rocking it in yellow.  But not just any yellow, Mr 305 upgraded to Worldwide had ditched the signature suit and tie and instead opted for a Brazil football shirt tucked into white crops/trousers turned up for a more casual look. Any thoughts of issuing a red card for tucking the football shirt in we’re diminished by “Hey, it’s Pitbull. He stands out, doesn’t blend in and likes to do things differently and I can certainly appreciate that- besides he still looked very cute” Mr WW has yet another gift of being able to pull off unusual colour and style combinations. 

For once Pitbull fans all around the world were able to watch Pit perform at the same moment in time, access with ease and enjoy the performance and ‘Feel This Moment’ simultaneously. Whilst setting the social networks alight in united support for Armandito.
With their energy and synergy the trio scored a hat-trick. Congratulations Pit, Jenny and Claudia!

Dale EeeYAW!

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