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Pitbull may be making his mark in the sporting world but if shopping was a sport I’m sure Pitbull fans would win gold hands down. The long awaited Shop Pitbull with Red Star Merchandise opened it’s online doors to today at 9am.
User friendly and visually appealing too, there is something for everyone and everything for all of us! The store offers clothing for men and women, fragrances, music, accessories to even treating your fellow #Pitbullgirls and #Worldwiders with gift certificates. The range also extends to products for the home such as doormats through to onesie’s for the little ones.

Grab hold of one of those blinking shot glasses and enjoy a shot of Voli as we say “Hurrah! We have an official merchandise store, thank you Pitbull!”  
If you already signed up, first 100 orders US addresses only receive 15% discount over orders of $30 or more ( ahem..‘Mr Worldwide = worldwide’ fans?) along with 8×10 never before seen picture sets.

Have fun browsing, adding to the basket as you go along and REMEMBER: IT’S A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT so take your time and enjoy the store.That said I might just race you to the store right now. Click onto the link below and get going. Happy Shopping everyone!


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