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QUE LO QUE- Otra Vez!

As you’re reading this, Sensato is most probably on a plane making his way to Rome to kick off the We Ain’t Even Supposed To Be Here Tour while Que Lo Que has just started to blow up again through the social networks.

Que Lo Que features Papayo and what a complimentary combination the pair make with the creation of this dance floor explosion. As this hot track traps me every time I have no idea what to shake first especially after the sequential pauses between the ‘un, dos, tres’ and ‘Que Lo Que ‘ part rev’s it all up again. But before you go off to enjoy some more of Sensato’s addictive rhyme-flow below, I got my own version for the great Del Patio! (Have to sing it with a Sensato flow!)

Sensato say ‘Hello Sweety, Hello Kitty’
I say ‘but I love your rhymes you so fast ‘n’ witty’
They so fun ‘n’ make me giddy
London ready – see you in my city!

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