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“Who says history doesn’t repeat itself?” We all know how Pitbull likes going a little ‘back in time’ now and then. 1970 fast forward to 2014 Carlos Santana revamps his timeless ‘Oye Como Va’ and as Will Smith may say ‘if it ain’t broke then don’t try to fix it’ It certainly was not broke to start with, but it’s just as great with a modern ingredient added into the mix and a little Pitbull flavour thrown into the pot.

Produced by the Cataracs, Oye is featured on Santana’s first Latin music album which in this day and age it would be almost criminal without including Pitbull.

With his guitar, and in many ways sharing the same ‘influencability ‘and qualities as Pitbull, Carlos Santana has also crossed different genres of music throughout his career. Perhaps it was only a matter of time until a collaboration was on the table.

The combination and flow of Santana’s guitar and Pitbull’s voice pulls you into a whirlpool vortex you really DO NOT want to be rescued from.

Although what you do need to do is get right or get left and just move out the way to allow the legend in the making with the legend himself through as they send your hips shaking to this infectious rhythm with added nostalgia. 

From blowing his own trumpet (and why not) about hosting the AMA’s and sending television ratings straight through the sky to a quick reference to his own career-marathon being a dope eleven year natural high!

“I don’t care about awards(?) cos my kid’s gettin’ Grammys!” Raps Pitbull. I like to feel that it’s about more than one kid and not only a reference to ten time Grammy award winner Santana, but also to a kid a lot closer to home too, Papayo!

Of course it wouldn’t be a certified Pitbull track without a reference to his hometown Miami and women. Being the flirtatious lyrical salesman asking the mamitas what they want, let them know he’s got it and finally if they bought into it!

Pitbull also gives a shout out to yet another legend who wrote the original song “Ahora mi gente! Dale Tito Puente!”

A fabulous remake by two icons of our time.  By the way notice how the ‘Pitbull’ logo and font in the image above is the same as Pit’s first studio album M.I.A.M.I above? Back in time for sure!

Dale Eeeyaw!

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