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‘I wanna be’ watching this video over and over again. Set in a monochrome Miami, Mr 305 Inc artist Motiff’s video I Wanna Be made it’s premiere on Vevo.

As it opens up with a sun rise, Miami backdrop and drive followed by a borderline 50 Shades of Motiff, the story unfolds of Motiff’s love interest finding a telephone number with kisses in his pocket while doing the laundry ( these crazy fans get everywhere trying to cause trouble, hey!) the story 
heads for the show down, Motiff driving away as the girl in despair attempts to take her own life. Luckily the genius guitarist returns.

The video is sensual, smooth,sexy yet in some strange but good way also very calming. It takes your emotions through the highs and lows in line with the story told. Pulling you in with Motiff’s exceptional guitar skills leaving you mesmerised and engaged at all times but even more so when you actually see Motiff play on screen with so much passion- and when he does that I simply cannot take my eyes off him. A very, very talented musician.

I’m off to watch it again! Come follow me here >>


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