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Mmm Mmm YEAH!

All that I can say is Mmm Mmm Yeah Yeah loving this awesome new song.
Teen cutie Austin Mahone releases a delicious track with Pitbull. 

Just seventeen years old, talented and rising star Austin Mahone sings about being smitten by a girl walking down the street, approaching to ask her name to which the girl declines turns around and just walks away. But that’s ok as he is left mesmerised by the rear view. Pitbull joins in on this Mmmm delicious new track to also talk about one of his favourite subjects- women! Giving words of wisdom to the teen heart throb “Mmm Mmm Yea Yea she looks so good but she bad yeah” With observation of how you can see that booty from the front Criss Cross– Jump Jump ( maybe Austin’s a bit young to remember them!)

A fun filled track with an infectious chorus and hook you just can’t help but sing along to it

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