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I can’t believe it, there’s ass everywhere! The boys from Miami linked up once again to promote and fly the flag loud and proud for the ladies with extra junk in their trunk. JLO and Nikki should be proud of you Gents!

The song is itself is very infectious and complimented even further by a cracking video set in an animated Miami. Cracking and screenfuls of (butt) cracks to be precise with many of them cleverly blended into the landscape. This eye catching, fun and cheeky video directed by Geremy and George Legs also reminds and makes me think of a hotter and modern version of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot, especially at the beginning.

We all know the Lil’ chico was Lil’ but this time he was completely dwarfed by the size of the butt he was dancing on, yet seemed to be enjoying it very much so. Pitbull wears what appears to be black leather gloves for some reason -to get a good grip perhaps? We all know it would not be a Pitbull song without Mr Worldwide injecting his sense of humour that we love so much with lyrics like “Call me Michael Jackson ‘cos I like to play with the monkey.” Pitbull seemed quite content and in his element! Giant butts, a Flo-Spider butt, even an ice-cream butt with Flo calling himself Robin as he Baskin’ himself in load of ass. Shaking butts, black butts, white butts.

Very cheeky, a little naughty but all in good taste. Even some of the alligators escaped from the Everglades to drop by and see what all the fuss was about ….Bubble-yum-bum, Baram, bum, baram


By Serina Pitbull Fan Unleashed
Twitter: @serinapitbullfu
Facebook: Pitbull Fans Unleashed

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