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Directed by a ‘Pitbull video favourite ‘ David Rousseau, the video opens with a mix of shots of rehearsals in LA with The Most Bad Ones counting down moves and going through choreography. To Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker pulling up to join them.

But not before grabbing a shot of the four sitting by the steps on the stage as the rock star photographer himself, Greg Watermann took.

The video flips from shots of performance rehearsals, LA streets, street art to dancing on water in the famous Bellagio Hotel fountain where like true rock stars they throw the guitars in the water. Cascading the theme on from their commercial for the NBA last year and joined by The Most Bad Ones at the famous Las Vegas spot. Don’t stop the party and let it roll onto a private jet with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker and The Most Bad Ones in the air.

At forty-five thousand feet you think Pit cares about the weather? Maybe in another song and maybe just a little. Everyday above ground is a great day as Mr Worldwide may say and what better way to party than in the air where Pitbull finally getting his hands on a real guitar in the air after so much practice air guitaring with Leo Brooks at concerts. Even Michelle Burgoss Colon has a go at lip synching in the background “Come and get it girl” with a cup no doubt and Voli in hand? While the girls get wild partying it’s left to the fellas for some pampering for a do-it-yourself manicure like Joe Perry with a knife. Not long after to arrive at their destination Premier Lo Nuestro in Miami –  assuming what the rehearsals earlier were for!

A varied video than the norm with music faded put to capture dialogue. A behind the scenes ‘real’ feel to it. Pitbull has a playbook with no rules to it and neither does this video and it works. Not bad for a little Miami boy hey chico!



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