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“Let ‘em know what time it is” It’s time for more servings of Climate Change with Options by Pitbull and Stephen Marley as it’s dished out to the fans today! A collaboration with the talented son of the reggae legend Bob Marley.

Pitbull second verse straight in, and straight in favourite with “Been around the game, been around the fame, been around the money, been around some names. But the Chico is still the same. Some things they never change. Here’s a TIP show me your friends, I show you your future. Keep the CHANGE”
Armando knows very well the humble and appreciative kind of man he is, as do us fans. Adding some money analogy and friendly advice going on to stress the importance of surrounding yourself with positive like-minded people with best interests for each other. Be careful of the company you keep as that shapes your future so listen as Pitbull preaches some Bible in his own way (Proverbs 13:20. Solomon” He that walketh with wise men shall be wise – but a companion of fools shall be destroyed”).

Some more things never to change where the boys came there to party and dance. Then we have Stephen Marley smitten because he got options but can’t tell the difference if he’s under the influence of Mary Jane (let you work that out for a minute if you need to) or under a spell, The story of the chorus goes with ‘options’ of ladies to select from but ditch any digits handed as the Stephen selects his ‘top one’ Stephen wants some love from – either tearing up or carrying on his legendary family history with them

Pitbull back in tells her “JFK, mami you out your mind” assassination point,  girl out of mind similarities between John F Kennedy and Donald Trump being crazy for seeking perfection that doesn’t exist? Mr Education gives us further teachings from this chilled song as we are reminded that that ‘misery loves company’ and that there is no such thing as perfection.

A favourite song of Pitbull’s and I think it’s just become one of mine too. Cool, chilled, mellow and just digesting Pitbull’s rhymes. I can only explain how it makes me feel (no Mary Jane involved) this song a natural high. Pitbull may be in a cool ‘arty-like’ sketch pool surrounded by the ladies and palm trees but I imagined listening to it swinging in a hammock chilling out with a Voli 305 in hand looking into the deep ocean.



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