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Red light! Green light! Pitbull, Flo Rida and Lunchmoney Lewis bring a little Fast ‘n’ Furious through the streets of their Miami as Flo and Pit race through the 305 in the new Green Light video. Directed by Gil Green who was also responsible for Time of Our Lives and Fun.
Baddies busting their fiercest moves in appropriately chequered flag themed outfits claiming the No.1 spot on each podium. Elsewhere Pitbull is killing it ahead of Flo on the streets in his race car  sponsored by SLAM of course before Flo and Pit both jump into a cadillac of their own – with en entourage if Bad Ones and other ladies in the back of course through some of the artistic streets of Miami (sped by too fast to spot but guessing Wynwood?)

NO VOLI in sight but that I guess is because you can’t drink and drive kids! (Watch your umbrellas and phones ladies if you see the fellas speed by! There’s a Party Patch though! And the last time we saw Pitbull in a cadillac was in the Ay Chico video)

Colourful, fast, furious, fun, Miami heat and some of the coolest cars
Added to the favourite Pitbull videos collection? That’s a green light from me!

Dale EeeYAW!



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