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Reach for the stars and if you don’t Pitbull will grab one of them on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sit on top of the world. Think about it…Yesterday Pitbull had his achievements well and truly cemented in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Well, it’s about time! Thank you for seeing what fans and supporters have seen for all these years. Thank you for giving Armando his star. Armando’s mum always said he was going to be a star and he grew up to be one of the brightest stars and now being handed a big one.

As a fan since the M.I.A.M.I days and watching Mr305-Worldwide grow in so many ways, I am so incredibly proud of you as are the rest of us fans and I am absolutely filled and brimming with joy and excitement for you.

Pitbull being a huge fan of the Queen of Salsa walked away with a pair of Celia Cruz’s shoes as well as his star. The ceremony also had guest motivational speaker Tony Robbins as well as Uncle Luke and Lil Jon who had beautiful words about his ‘Cuban Brother’ with a touching speech and taking us back to old school and where it all began.

An emotional roller coaster to watch. I Don’t think I’ve seen so many posts of his manager (Mike C) in a short space of time and smiling ear to ear either with one particular touching post of him holding Pitbull’s star and saying how proud he was.

Congratulations Armando. Thank you for the music, inspiration and strength. Shine bright Armando, shine bright.

Watch the ceremony below-get the Kleenex out because it’s sure to well your eyes up with pride, joy and love as Armando gets his star and makes an emotional speech. Giving us his everything as always.


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