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Puerto Ricans in Paris, released on the 10th June of which ‘Armando Christian Perez’ better known to us fans as Pitbull is an Executive Producer.

The comedy film featuring Luis Guzman and Edgar Garcia who play undercover Puerto Rican New York cops that find themselves out of their element when they are summoned to Paris to find the criminal behind a theft of an exclusive designer bag blackmailing to create more counterfeit versions.

The film is more than a designer bag full of laughs and chuckles all the way through and even more funny and entertaining than I had originally anticipated from the trailers which were enough to hook me in. There were also a few ‘Bad Boy’ type of humour moments in tow with a lot of unexpected little side-twists and plots along side the main plot. Absolutely hilarious.

The story, twists, banter and jokes moved at a good fast pace with a good on-screen tongue-in-cheek chemistry between the two cops. It’s almost as if Pitbull’s humour, cheek and quick wit is coming through in the dialogue. However, there wasn’t any blatant hints of any ‘Pitbull’ presence in producing the movie – there were no product placements or songs (until the end when the credits rolled up when Mami Mami featuring Fuego from Dale The Album popped up) or if at both ends of the film Executive Producer Armando Christian Perez was spotted. Armando spreads his wings into movie-land introducing his exceptional producing skills away from (even though I love that direction too) ‘in your face’ this is a Pitbull Production/ Producing and from a different angle.

Stick around till the end for uncut scenes for more laughs. A MUST watch film. A MUST watch more than once film! I will not spoil it with any more than the synopsis below. It’s something to enjoy and discover for yourself! The film, directed by Ian Edelman also features Rosario Dawson and Rosie Perez check out the trailer and link below on how to watch.

Congratulations Armando on Executively Producing and being part of bringing us such a fun movie and looking forward to more films – Cubans in London perhaps?

(Thinking out loud “Heart is pure and his (Pitbull’s) head is very shiny” – wonder if Mr Worldwide get’s a lot of bald head stroke requests too!)

Ramène-moi un sac Colette …Puerto Ricans in Paris? est très amusant, hilarant! Et j’ai adore!!! ( I won’t translate any numbers but what I meant was “Bring me Colette’s bag….Puerto Ricans in Paris?..It’s very funny and I love it!”)


‘This Hispanic comedy movie, executive produced by Pitbull and directed by Ian Edelman blends the corporate world of high-end fashion design and the action of police detectives. Starring Luis Guzman and Edgar Garcia as NYPD detectives that are requested to find a specially designed, pre-release purse that has been stolen in Paris. Rosario Dawson and Rosie Perez are our 2 heroes romantic partners adding in the flare of a romantic comedy while their detective personas bring in the flavor of an action movie with the comedic twist. Puerto Ricans in Paris is sure to make everyone laugh with the comedy antics of this great duo’

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