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Freak like this, freak like that, like ’em a little freaky, freak between the sheets, “I’m a freak” joint admission with Enrique- only one thing on Pitbull’s mind and that’s just to be FREE.K full stop. Twenty-four-seven. Mr Worldwide ready round the clock!
Free.K from Pitbull’s upcoming album Climate Change is produced by Michael Mayeda (who is also one of DJ City’s in-house producers) features the addictive 90’s sampler from Adina Howard’s “Freak Like me” This dance floor filler is all about (say it like Pitbull now..) Getting’ LOOoOOoSE! 
We know Pitbull loves the powerful classy, sassy ladies that mean business but know and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty either. Pitbull reminds us how he likes a lady to be a lady and respects the everyday hard working ones in society. Getting into specifics when the bad girls come out of the good ones such as nurses, teachers, real estate reps, police women and business women to CEO’s. Serious in business and being a FREAK after hours or anytime on call ( The First Lady can’t escape from the rhymes either!) With another message of ‘education’ if you like, who know their men are blowing their money on strippers- get home, lose inhibitions and just be a freak.
If anyone can make the ladies freak-a-leak just through music to the ears then it’s Pitbull.
Combination of Pitbull’s rugged, gravelly voice, overall flow and rhymes with the dance and old school House feel is simply infectious. Yet another dance floor filler sure to be bangin’ out in the clubs worldwide and drawing out all the freaks to the floor. Catchy, fun, sexy, and FREE.K!

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