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Pitbull AND #PITBULLGIRL Residency in VEGAS!

Pitbull makes more history as being the first rapper to take residency in Vegas for a week long of sizzling shows.

Never far behind are #PitbullGirls who are also taking over the strip one may even call it a joint event with the ‘PitbullGirl Residency’ with the girls running Vegas kicking off the catching the raining Voli in a shot glass for the duration or perched up at the Voli Bar amongst those gorgeous tall black bottles!
Check out these awesome photos of some of the ladies so far.
Thank you for taking us with you Carla Ivey, Marisa Gomes, Chris Blue, Andrea Ellis, Bertha Seymour, Dulcy Skal, Maria, Krista Taschler and the rest of the girls! Anyone else heading there feel free to join in and send on images to share!
Everyone else- go check out these gorgeous ladies having the time of their lives in and around Vegas and the dazzling Mr Worldwide shows and of course meeting the man of the moment himself.
Thank you
EeeYAW! (Over 21 only)

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