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A must on the watch list is this interview by Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz with Big Teach, part 2 (CEO  who was with Pitbull from day one. The days when history was already being made, the kind of history that cannot be remade or imitated but appreciated by us fans today. 

Today Big Teach has his ‘iHustle’ on strong, fierce and in full force. As the Vice President of Polo Grounds Music (Pitbull), Big Teach is also on the journey of following another passion – food! Big Teach is the founder of Chef Teach Creates House Of Mac. Having had the honour of eating Chef Teach’s delicious mac cheese made by the man himself before his venture started, no other has come close since. Face screwed up and saying “That doesn’t taste anywhere as good as the once Teach’s rubbish” is a sentence that often passes my lips soon after with great disappointment. Teach I want some mac cheese!

I urge all fans to watch this interview. New school fans learn more and the old school fans? We’ll enjoy, appreciate, pause for thought and reminisce. 

If it wasn’t for Big Teach opening my email a few years ago I wouldn’t be doing what I do today and enjoying my passion and also be saved from one of the lowest points in my personal life. Thank you Big Teach and Supa Cindy (99 Jamz and CinD Media) forever grateful to you both- Pitbull too of course!

Check out the video above by the Conceptual Reality Media Group ( CEO Big Teach- yes he is everywhere, and you thought Pitbull was the only serial brand builder!) and click on the links below. Thank you.
More interviews with Big Teach to come so stay tuned to 99 Jamz and Big Teach.
Twitter:      @chefteachcreate
Instagram: @Chefteachcreates
YouTube:   ChefTeachCreates
Web coming soon
Polo Grounds Music
CRM Media Group

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