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It was a heart warming, exciting and breathtaking experience rolled into one visiting the incredibly impressive SLAM. The Sports Leadership and Management Charter school which Pitbull helped to build in his own old neighbourhood and for which Mr 305-Worldwide is also an ambassador.

A place which binds together a partnership between sports and education where youngsters can grow, follow their passion for sports and learning is made fun through the school’s engaging and entertaining curriculum. A revolutionary seven-story first ever school in Florida to offer sports related broadcasting, management and medicine middle and high school education program.

Walking through the corridors and peeking into classes where children were working attentively and at class switch over times just the sound of enthusiastic, happy and motivated students was music to my ears. It’s also a fact that Pitbull too is known to make surprise visits and peek into classes at times and walk around the school.

Approaching the entrance of the SLAM gymnasium, I was greeted by an excited group of students pouring out in crowds and running out of the gym from the opposite direction. Brushing past with joy and sounds of excitement having just finished a class. A memorable moment and feeling of many during my visit to the magnificent school that brings a glowing smile and feeling from within each time I think about. 

This is the breath taking, iconic fully equipped gym with the globally recognised windows and views where Pitbull spends his birthdays with the students and where this year Pitbull was named as Ambassador of the Arts for Florida. Where his birthday January 15th itself was declared as Pitbull Day by Mayor Tomas Regalado. 

As announced on Pitbull Day this year, it was amazing to catch a glimpse of an untouched, raw and ‘before’ view of the area nearby where the SLAM school is to be extended and I am excited to share this with the fellow fans especially and cannot wait see is the complete ‘after’ version (below)

A dance studio (below) was very inspiring and a pleasure to meet and tell the teacher how I wish I was young enough or whether they would make an exception and allow me to join the school dance program.

A roof top of SLAM gave an abundance of spectacular views of the neighbourhood where Pitbull grew up, downtown Miami and a glimpse of the Marlins Ball Park. It is also the roof top where images of Pitbull have been shot such as promos for his fragrance.

Being a fan and admirer of all his achievements inside and outside of music, Being aware of Pitbull’s struggles as he grew up, how his very own teachers inspired him and directed him on the path towards changing his life and how today Pitbull is here giving the the kids the a place to learn, grow and enjoy education by making it fun, cool and providing the opportunity through a strong, experienced and dedicated team of inspiring teachers giving their everything along with the equipment, technology and hands-on approach was a proud, grateful and emotional experience.

A very special thank you to Ana of the Slam Shop Team for showing me around the outstanding school. It was also a pleasure to meet some of the other teachers, Principal Alex Tamargo and members of the SLAM Board and Team Pitbull. It was an absolute honour and pleasure to be able to visit the school and see all the wonderful facilities and things that everyone involved in the school does. Thank you for having me. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Thank you Pitbull for investing in education and giving back.

Pitbull fans please check out  more images from the day and the links below to explore more about SLAM and remember to get your SLAM shop gear! Thank you.

Dale EeeYAW!

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