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Sun goes up & drink goes down,It’s Pitbull’s birthday –  gather round!There’s no need.. for all that frackasEnough for all these other crazy mutha f****rs
Born today 1981 in a Fireball ball of flameMamma was right now everybody knows your nameHe Saw, he conquered, he cameTook it over, owned it, still changes the game
Jump off the train, don’t moan or get thrownGrow with Pit or get outgrownAs Pit continued not to sprint but the marathon ahead “Buckle up for a crazy 2014” is what Pit said
Catch him if you can with his cup filled to the brimOften in the Bahamas with a Bad One behind himPossibly Volito’d up on a Norwegian Cruise!Just like in last February’s newsNo, not this year, not exiled to AlaskaMaybe celebrating with those cheeky penguins in MadagascarMaybe Day Drinking with Heymous Molly –  drink in handPit don’t bring sand to the beach he brings the beach to the sand!
Follow Pit everywhere on Instagram & on the goVroom vroom around the world is how we goBut wherever we are we don’t miss a shotThanks to The Rock Star photographer – that’s who we gotCapturing the essence in great visual componentsGreg Watermann always capturing moments
As 2014 begun, we realised later why ‘We Are One’After Pitbull announced his World Cup performance under the sunYet while Mr Worldwide is awarded the Global Gift Humanitarian Award“Thank You” on Pitbull Appreciation Day is what we roared!
On the way to Brazil and “Yo Mike move the finger so we can see you too…”(want me to get the aligning straight for you?)At forty five thousand feet, you think Pit cares about the weather? Okay, maybe a littleBut there’s other work to be done up there – somethin’ transmittalWelcomed turbulence on the network by Pit’s Live broadcast – & Pow!It’s now time to get used to something innovative with Pit & YouNow
Weekend Pitbull-a-thon can you resist?Take over Spotify’s biggest playlistTune in & crank it up – that’s the rule of thumb!SiriusXM PItbull’s own radio channel to come
4th of July – next stop La Casa Blanca soon after dawnIn the evening – a party on the White House lawn!Havin’ fun no stress no dramaTime to celebrate with President Obama
Hottest Pitbull merch about – no doubtIntroducing Shoppitbull – add to cart – then checkoutRemember the Alexander Mijares selectionUnder the limited edition We Are One collectionProceeds also to Techo Brazil –  go on make a bid!On the artwork- they signed it that’s what Mijares & Pit did
Royalty of the 305 is loved by the Royalty of the UKAs “I like A bit of Pitbull” Prince Charles gave away!Cue a performance at the Fusion Festival of the The Princes TrustDancing away with his tongue out ‘n’ classic hip-thrust!
Oye Como Va? To the 15th Latin Grammy AwardsOn stage with Santana- now I’m flooredLegend himself with the legend in the makingThe world is Pit’s – it’s his for takingTook the 305 to worldwideHold tight, watch & enjoy the ride
ALMA, Streamy Icon, Premios juventud & more for this great ball of flameSoon hands cemented into the Walk of FameIt comes of no surprise or mysteryWe’re on track, for 2015 is the year of making history
Salvation Army and Dallas Cowboys raise funds for the Red Kettle campaignPitbull performance always off the chainGood Morning America to the Meridith ShowOn the latter explaining the lyrical flowTell us more in Ocean Drive, Rolling Stones, Hollywood Reporter,Maybe one for the fans by this fan & long standing supporter
Certificate and robe handsome as everSome thought they would see this? Never!Flip the bird to the non-believers “now see me!”Graduated with an Honorary Degree
Midsummer Night’s Dream performance in silk P.J’s – Playboy MansionAll eyes still on the on the ball with aim for more expansion“If you think it’s a game-then let’s play!”Pit themed games with Bally Tech soon one day
Worldwide is as worldwide doesReplace the globe where Pit’s face wasEighth Studio album Globalization Party level turned up to full optimisationLoosen up your body, let your hair down, let down that bunTime to have some ‘EF-EEW-ENN’ – FUN
Engaging host never ceases to amazeLike a ‘Boomerang’ back to hosting the AMA’sDancing With The Stars? Yes Pit’s all goodPerformance & judge on the panel-understood
Talented with a cheeky smile & sexy eyedOur favourite Cuban-American Mr WorldwideYet ‘Americans welcome, Pitbull still banned’ CNN report“Now this is classic” what Pitbull said, in short
Always above ground, hardly ever on the roadStill time to link with Endemol Beyond for a series of Gentlemens Code!The Most Bad Ones also have their own series on showOne for The Agents? Jon Brandon Cruz, Will Keanan let’s go!
Observe, absorb, applyOn how to become an entrepreneur in bow tiePassion, patience, perseverance watch ‘n’ tryOne step at a time short steps long vision before you flyLook at the game from a different perspectiveAnalyse and put it all together collective
Look, Pitbull is a product, Pitbull is a brandStrategically marketed – never out of fashion or blandTen percent talent, ninety percent business worked it outScared money don’t make money without a doubt
Music is the hustle, Pit’s addictionVisualise where to be without restrictionRelentless infectious rhymesPit is always moving with the timesPortfolio still growing since Miami Subs – no, not Pizza Hut!That guy’s like a squirrel looking for a nut
This is not a drillOnly get one shot at a great party if you willNo boring end of year buttoned up stiff, lardy, dardy, fartyTime to really enjoy the season at the Go Daddy holiday party
As we reached the end of 2014 Staying in became the new going outRinging in 2015 with Pit was what it was aboutWatching Pitbull on the boxNYE Revolution Live on FOX
Teams & labels straight through to PologroundsFans and friends around the world let’s gather roundHold up your Voli or champagne flute“Happy birthday Pitbull”- thank you & salute!

Written by:Serina – Pitbull – Fan Unleashed (C) 
For:Mr Worldwide!

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