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When life gives you lemons crack open the Voli and throw a ‘Rent Party’  Empty the fish bowl and make an ad-hoc ‘Rent Party Donation Box’ for guests to part with their dollars upon arrival!
Pitbull loves a little throw back. The Time Of Our Lives video is set in 1999 on the eve of ringing in the millennium and in the style of the good old days of the old school house parties of the 90’s. Dancing, good times, good company, Pitbull brings his own cup and cheekily tells us to be quiet as he takes some dollars out of the donation box on the way in before getting stuck right into the middle of the crowd. With added streamers, balloons, indoor skateboarding, karaoke, who’s got the biggest jiggling ass competition to sparklers for those hanging outside.
The video also features Young Breed, Veronica Vega and keep those eyes peeled and spot DJ Laz in the crowd.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Pit in a cap, jacket and rocking a Miami Heat vest (anyone else get a flashback moment of the Culo video and Cuban flag vest?) street style swagger yet at the same time feels like it was just yesterday and it all comes flooding back in a shot.
Having graduated with an honorary degree this year, it only seems fit with Pit looking very cool in a University of Miami Hurricane’s jacket for this throwback video directed by Gil Green. We still get the best of both and are spoiled with those sexy black tux shots of Armando Bond and Ne-Yo in a suit.
A feel good ‘escape’ video with an old school vibe running a parallel story of a family struggling to pay the bills, that is until grandma (who can still bust some moves) suggests a rent party! The video will have us dancing away and smiling no matter what. For us fans especially, knowing Pitbull’s struggle in the early years and just how far he has come brings that feeling of a warm glow within. 
Care free, throw caution to the wind feel and with the video being themed around and released just in time for New Year’s Eve, there’s a message in it for all. What I take away from it is that life’s too short, let’s just do what we enjoy and have the Time Of Our Lives! Click on the donation box in the photo to watch the video.

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