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60 Seconds with Greg Watermann

Known as the Rock Star photographer, Greg Watermann’s spectacular images and videos are what Pitbull does to rhymes.
The energy comes through and can be ‘felt’ through the images and videos by the way in which Greg shoots Pitbull and his team, giving fans a greater and enjoyable sense of the ‘moment’ in that particular shot in time.
I can guarantee we have all seen and reposted Greg’s images with or without even knowing it! Let’s find out more about the talented and remarkable man behind the lens who takes us along on tours and events with Pitbull in images and videos as he tells us about his photography, working with Pitbull and more. 
Thank you for sharing and taking us along the journey with you in visuals. Greg Watermann, we salute you!
Thank you Greg for taking the time to talk to me..

When did you first discover your passion for photography?
I got my first camera when I was 7 – I’ve always been a photographer.

Are there any other photographers out there whose style you admire?
Jim Marshall – he’s the grandfather of rock n’ roll photography and my biggest inspiration. 
How would you describe your personal style?
Classic – I’ve been taking pictures the same way for 40 years. I never use a flash and don’t need help from Photoshop. I like my images to be real.
Tell me about how you came about photographing Pitbull?
Five years ago, his publicist Tom Muzquiz, felt we shared the same vision and wanted me to tell the story…
What things do you want Pitbull fans to take away from your work?
I want them to see the important moments of his career.

Do you have any particular Pitbull images that you are proud of?
The diploma shot was the first photograph of him to get one million Likes on Facebook, and is known all over the Internet as “The Best Graduation Photo Ever.”

Does Pitbull have a particular ‘good side’ either he or you prefer to be shot from?
He looks great from any angle, but he loves it when I’m following him. He wants the fans to see his world from his perspective.

Have you encountered any disruptive or funny situations while traveling with and trying to take photos of Pitbull, The Agents or The Most Bad Ones? 
I had an army officer point a machine gun at me. We were at an airport overseas and you’re not allowed to take pictures (I did anyway). He stood there holding his gun on me while I deleted the photos.

Working with Pitbull, tell me about a momentous or a high point in your career so far..
It was a career high working with CNN. They did a 30 minute news feature on Armando recently and 90% of that show is my video footage and behind-the-scenes photographs. I spent a day at CNN headquarters letting their entertainment editor pour through my hard drives. It was really cool to give a major news organization access to what I capture of him. (See ‘With CNN’ link below) 
What are the best things about working with Mr Worldwide and Team Pitbull?
Having fun is always the most important part of our day.

Pitbull walks so fast, is it hard to keep up with him to get a good shot sometimes?
Absolutely. But I’m a high-energy person which is perfect for following him around.

Do you have any particular Pitbull songs that you enjoy?
“Feel This Moment” – I was shooting in his hotel room in “the tallest building in Tokyo” when he wrote and recorded his verse. And the official video for that song includes my live concert footage from around the world.

Are there any other artists or bands out there that you would like photograph?
Nine Inch Nails is my favorite band – I would love to work with Trent Reznor.

Posed or natural moment shots?
Natural only. Both of us hate posed pictures and we only do it when we have to. Capturing moments is always more interesting than creating them.

Black and white or color photos?
His life and culture are very colorful (so is Miami), but he likes the classic look of black and white too so I mix it up to have more variety.
Teach me something technical about a piece of equipment you use…
I only shoot with available light and lots of places in music are really dark (backstage especially), so I use very fast Zeiss prime lenses and I can shoot no matter where we are.
‘Selfies’ seem to be all the rage at the moment, have you ever taken one yourself?
I like getting get a cool shot of someone/something in a mirror, with me in the background (with a camera in front of my face).
Any basic tips on taking great photographs?
Don’t use the automatic settings (exposure, focus, etc.) Make those decisions yourself and have real control over your photos.
Do you have any words of advice to aspiring photographers out there wanting to make a career out of it?
Yes, keep photography as a hobby and get a real job.
When you see your wonderful images admired and reposted by Pitbull fans around the world, how does that feel?
My purpose is to document Armando’s life and Pitbull’s journey. Having my art appreciated by his fans is the greatest 
feeling in the world.
Thank you so much for your time and also enabling Pitbull fans all over the world to enjoy great images and moments with Mr Worldwide. Thank you for taking us on the journey with you. All the best..

Check out the links below for some more great behind the scenes footage and photos of Pitbull, The Most Bad Ones, The Agents and DJ Chino.


With CNN:    


Greg Watermann’s FIRST Pitbull concert, a shot at the Bull Ring in Tijuana

Videos..Click onto Pitbull below to take you to Greg Watermann’s Very FIRST video at the Bull Ring, Tijuana

Click onto Pitbull to see some more of the recording session  for’ Feel This Moment’ Tokyo, Japan

More photos…


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