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The official video to Pitbull’s ‘Celebrate’ featured in the upcoming movie The Penguins of Madagascar has arrived.
The mischievous Penguins may well have a new addition to their little gang in this cute and fun video. The newest member is known as Pitbull and comes with in his own black ‘n’ white signature ‘penguin’ suit. Sure Pitbull will fit in well with his fun and mischievous side!
The video directed my personal favourite Pitbull music video director David Rousseau, features Pitbull getting off a jet ( bringing his own cup, of course!) and very much so where “every day above ground is a good day-so I celebrate!” Although those lyrics are part of another hit single called Do It, it’s a great reflection of Mr Worldwide in this particular video and taking a trip around the globe with Pitbull and shots of various iconic places around the world.

Pitbull singing in the studio is something we haven’t seen in a video in a very long time and even more entertaining with those cheeky and playful penguins messing around with the sound equipment and mixers in the studio. We also get a short glimpse of  an animated Pit. Then off to a concert where the Penguins are on double duty as backing singers and ‘Mini Penguin Agents’ . In between behaving as cannon balls shooting out the latest t-shirt to one lucky girl in the crowd (click on the link below to get your one!)
Cool, fun and entertaining for all ages (not a boob or bum in sight!) although if there is one thing Pitbull could learn from the penguins I would say how about a crowd surf at your next show Pit, straight into the mosh ‘Pit’!
The penguins ‘heart’ Pit as do we in this enjoyable video as we sing along to sample chorus of the Rare Earth song from the 1970’s  ‘I Just Wanna Celebrate’ taking us back in time and around the world again. 
Tap onto the penguins to check out the video
Dale EeeYAW!


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