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Rap meets Country yet again in this alluring monochrome style video directed by Eric Welch for Broken Poet Productions. The video premiered on Vevo today by kicking off with Pitbull and Jerrod in black suits against white.
You either drink to something or you don’t, similarly many things are either black or white with no grey matter in between. Pick a side and stick to it! But trust Pitbull to mix it up and add his own flair by throwing in a deep purple shirt (we like!)
The video features skilled dancers doing their thing with hula hoops, gambling chips, trucks, an American footballer, DJ with his turntables to what appears to be martini glass style pyramids with drinks flowing and cocktail shakers. Not forgetting the all white pool table.
The video soon makes an impressive easy on the eye transition with Pitbull  switching to contrasting white against black backgrounds all round– have to watch it to get it.

Click on Pit below to see the video – Dale!

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