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Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias Tour date Announcements

…And the bromance continues!

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias almost sent Twitter on the verge of a (Global) Meltdown! The gorgeous and talented ‘freaks’ asked fans to tweet with the hashtag #enriquepitbulltour for a chance to be selected 3pm EST onwards to announce a tour date.

First up was @Pitbull_Dale305. Followed by many other lucky fans (in no particular order) such as 

@_Yolispter, @tyannagiancola, @maheennnnn, @stephslavx3, @Elfan414,@chelita_8_8, @anukriti_tiwari, @kikyloveenrique @heisgalo, @Carlaivey (by this time I think Pit and Enrique pushed twitter almost to its limits as direct messaging seemed to be crashing but all good in the end!), @pitbullgirl115, @Rosecamacho13, @Camiilla_Sarah. Last but by no means least @JRCATS9 closed off with the final date in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to all those that got picked to announce a date.

I tried my luck (might as well!) by trying to grab their attention with a cheeky line in the image above but it didn’t work. Could be that my Brit humour just didn’t quite fly!

The tour kicks off in September 12th in New Jersey. Let’s have a Euopean one gents we love you out here. Thanks!

Dale EeeYAW!

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