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Ladies and gentlemen you thought that Pitbull loves to have fun with two, well now you’re looking at the new international Playboy who has extended to having fun with five to give us some Wild Wild Love!

Pitbull teams up with Robin Antin’s ( Pussy Cat Dolls creator) rising girl group G.R.L who draws us into the chorus with their outstanding vocals and catchy hook.

Pitbull clearly has the Midas Touch to whatever he turns his vocals to and with Timber still hovering around the top of the charts globally, in Pit comes with Dr Luke who also produced Timber, with another ready to break into the charts. Work hard, play hard. Can’t stop, Won’t stop.

Breaking it down a little more at some parts of the song you can hear some feint Country Timber-esque elements but at a much slower, chilled out pace. Although there are some laid back songs in Pit’s catalogue over the years, a slower pace is not the norm for which Pitbull is renowned for. Having got everyone thinking they can dance Country and our energies excitable and heightened with Timber, Pitbull now brings us down a little and gets us a little refreshingly chilled. Having said that I’m quite looking forward to someone taking this song on to the next level and giving us a dance/ EDM remix. Motiff gave us an incredible Caribbean, Latin infused remix of Timber. Motiff let’s have another!

Long live this wild wild love of Pitbull and his music-it can’t be tamed!

Dale EeeYAW!


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  1. It is a great song isn't it?1 That hook is a killer earbug and Pit's beats are as sexy as can be. It would be interesting to see what Motiff would do with it!


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