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Blow out ya candles-everybody clap!
Another year means another birthday rap’
Said last year 2013 gonna be a faster ride!
Como? Pit took the 305 beyond worldwide
Been in the game since ’99
Got rights to the phrase ‘The World Is Mine’
Can’t stopwon’t stopno he don’t stop
Creating hits that climb straight to the top
With The Most Bad Ones and Agents in tow
As they shut each city down watch em go
Miami’s where Pit starts runnin like a fast train through the world I must stress
Gives a different kinda meaning to American Express
When I said before y’all thought I may be bonkers,
Took over, owned it, changed the game – he conquers
A visionary – no he ain’t insane,
Pitbull created his very own lane
Look up in the sky it’s a bird It’s a plane
No it’s just Pit ain’t a damn thing change
Except that we now see everyday
Something new added to his resume
Lives for the moment but long term is how Pit thinks
New music, new business, connect to his life – and sync
Fingers in different pies –record breaker
Hardest workin fastest mover and shaker
Destined to be a success you just knew it
Dont know how he does it but he just ‘Do It
Takin music and business to another dimension
All the videos and songs? Aint enough time ‘n’ paper to mention!
Creating new ways, opportunities and streams
Expanding the portfolio along with his teams
To observe, absorb, apply
Passion, perseverance, patience pays off you see why
Ten per cent talent and business ninety per cent
Pitbull is a product, a brand that’s what he meant
Lives life and not the other way round thats how he live
Used life’s negatives to create his own positive
They say you live only once but Pit says he lives everyday
We can all learn from Pit even if you only start today
An icon and example to all the fans that’s clear
That things may seem far but it’s in reach and near
Play Pit songs over and over like a virgin feels like hearing the first time
Exciting and hung on every lyric ‘n’ rhyme
Armando slicker than an oil spill
Always givin’ us that lyrical thrill
Rhymes blow you over -hold onto those rails
Pit way cooler than polar bear toenails
So Pit put your shades on, raise that eyebrow and strike a pose
You’re your own competition no one comes close
2013 lots happened and the empire it grows
Let’s talk about it now and more –you ready? Then let’s go!
Until now you could catch him on TIVO
Now Pitbull’s Certified 100M VEVO
From sittin in Miami Subs and writing rhymes
To takin over the cover of The Franchise Times
Hard work, great producers, lyrical genius -hit song foundations
Pitbull up for nine Latin Billboard Nominations
Always a good sport – makes trendy an exam
Pitbull opens his first Charter School SLAM
In love, war, music and sport all is fair
How about some Pitbull sportswear?
2014 We are one and you’ll see what Pit means
World Cup Ole! Blue yellow and green!
Sexy is as sexy does
Sexy People Fiat song that’s the buzz
Adds more commercials to his chart
Another Dr Pepper and one for Dodge Cart
Case dismissed! ‘Got It Locked Up Like (whoops!)
Pit, no he ainjumpin‘ through hoops!
Sexy, suited, witty, kind hearted,
It’s 50 Shades of Pitbull in video as he Gets It Started
Sexier when it wasn’t more possible –ya think?
It’s eyes wide shut times ten so baby don’t blink!
EPIC the movie Pitbull hits the big screen
Suited amphibian dressed in green
Cheeky, witty, business minded, hustlin‘ Bufo the frog
An animated version of our top dog
Global Warming Tour whistle stop show just passing through
At the Brixton Academy -London O2
“Nice to meet you, Armando”- Excited not slept a wink
Hope you enjoyed wearing the cuff-links
At the performance at the IPL cricket
Pitbull slams down yet another wicket
Gets Exotic with Priyanka as her pardesi
Lil’Chico took it straight from Dade to Desi
As the mini Pit’s watch him get covered in green and lime
Down with the kids on Nickelodeon as he gets slimed!
Pitbull music food for your soul nourishing and so hearty
How the spirit danced at the iHeart Radio Ultimate Pool Party
This Formula One stopped at the pits in his own race around the world ya know!
Performing at the post US Grand Prix show
Humble, charismatic and with natural flair
Pit signs up to Get Covered Obama Care
Driving Around with Vein & Rushia reflecting on life’s bumps and bends
Taking over internationally with the rest of his Mr 305 friends
Although only but two concerts are free
The Grand Opening of Microsoft Stores ceremony
Nothin impossible from flying around saturn and mars
To reaching for and Dancing With The Stars
Standing to attention at their stations
Awaiting for the jet to land Mr United Nations
Pit on People Magazine’s Most Sexiest Man Alive
Mamitas imaginations run into overdrive
Superstar Summer Nights can we get a YeHAW
Pitbull rocks it with Tim McGraw
Yes that’s right it’s just what you saw
Heat the stage up let it unthaw
One more shot, another round
Just like Timber it’s going down
So look out y’all in he dives!
In Country Music Pitbull arrives
Spread his wings out into the genre of Tammy
Back to roots – Manos Pa’rriba! Don’t forget that Latin Grammy!
Gorgeous in tux with a beaming smile – let’s raise a toast
To the master of ceremonies and AMA’s host
A few visits to Good Morning America that you see
To Behind the Scenes with ABC
Ain’t going nowhere so pull up a pew
Guy Day Friday givin’ us The hot View
But before Pit catches another flight
Let’s pop over to Letterman for a late night
Gone till November then we get Meltdown
Gone viral globally in every city and town
From tryin‘ to make a billion outta fifteen cents
To Pitbull Man and Woman his very own scents
Never getting too comfortable-always on the grind
Always ahead of the game not looking behind
As Pit says complacency is the cousin of death
Talking a different kind  not like Macbeth
Then wham and then bam
Let’s do a little something with Shazam
Pitbull the sexy, classy, speedy Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce
Closing off the year with Jump Smokers and Prince Royce
No birthday rap in a year so excuse if a little
The rhymes come across as a little bit brittle
Mariah’s got hers but you’re my own inspirational Hero
Followed and watched you grow from day zero
A huge thank you from us fans for your gifts including the intangible, my dear
Time to celebrate you and your achievements in yet another year
Raisin’ a glass of Voli and then a champagne flute
Happy Birthday Mr Worldwide with love – Salute!

SeRina   – Pitbull Fan Unleashed

(Copyrights reserved)

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