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Every Pitbull concert is one big party, however it was made extra special by Mr Worldwide for one fan in particular at the Chicago show last weekend.

The night was even more memorable and momentous for Melissa Boggs (Missi). Super fan and super strong for dealing with a form of terminal cancer.

The night was already a great night having had the chance to meet Pitbull back stage along with fellow friend and #Pitbullgirl Krista Olsen Taschler. However, there were more surprises yet to come.

As the show went on, a banner created by Krista and Melissa  ‘Fuck Cancer Let’s Dance’ held up at the concert was taken by Pitbull from the crowd and held up on stage a few times in support.Holding onto the sign there on.

Pitbull dedicated parts of the show to Melissa and letting it be known to the rest of the crowd about this incredible lady and before admiring her approach that “Everyday she takes it like this is going to be a fucking amazing ride on the way out” With respect and giving thanks for the inspiration and motivation. With Melissa and her attitude and incredible approach towards her condition being an inspiration to all of us, adding “That’s why a record like this shows everybody here tonight how you can take your life from a negative to a positive -NO MATTER WHAT…So I want everybody here to give Missi everything they fuckin‘ got” before dedicating to her Give Me Everything.

The ‘Fuck Cancer Let’s Dance’ sign was held up by both Pitbull and Enrique at the end of the show with Pitbull bringing out more support from the crowd with “Before we ride out I just want you all to say it “Fuck Cancer Let’s Dance’ As the whole venue shouted back with conviction, love and support before a “I love you Missi” from Armando.

It was clear Melissa was on Pit’s mind and you could see the emotion even through those dark glasses and sense it through his voice, energy and body language even through the video clips.

Pitbull has a beautiful heart and in the words of DJ Buddha “He has a heart and he’s not afraid to show it” Thank you Pitbull for being the genuine guy that you are and giving love and support.

Touched by the events I couldn’t watch the footage without a dry eye. See the moving clips of the concert with credits and thanks to Krista for sharing these precious moments.

Missi tells us more about her experience at the show.

One of my favorite statements in life is The smallest of kindnesses can be Infinite. Moving into one, through another, above, below, around and back again….

This has always rang true for me. The chance to meet Pitbull is the chance of a lifetime for asuperfan. Krista Taschler and Chelli Wolford set it all in motion for me. Could they have known what incredible gifts would come from their kindness? How infinite it would be?Pitbull chose to speak out, speak up, for me. Could he truly have known how infinite it would be? Millions of people across the globe go to battle everyday against this disease and he spoke for all of us when he chose to hold up our banner. In our eyes it was “Hey you! Yes, you! All of you. Everywhere. Fuck Cancer Let’s Dance!” Infinity. How beautiful is that! Just writing the words in this moment still brings tears of joy to my eyes.

The emotion surrounding what Pitbull chose to do on that stage at All State Arena will never leave me. I will draw strength, inspiration, positive energies and forever smiles (real, true, smiling from my soul to my fingertips, joyous smiles) from the memories of how I felt in those moments. I could hear the sentiment and conviction in his voice when he said my name! I could see the truth of it all in his smile when he stood in front of me. Pitbull just kept holding the bannerNever letting it go and my heart soared. What a gift. What a series of kindnesses. Infinity.

Armando is a hero, to myself and so many others, and his heart is so obviously full of all of the very best thingsI wish I knew how to thank Armando, Chelli, Krista, and Pit’s entire team and anyone who had a hand in this amazing gift. But all of the words I try just don’t seem adequate.  All I can do is bow humbly in gratitude and continue to do what works best for me in celebration of what he’s given… Live in every moment. Dance. Negative to Positive. Share the message, share the love, share the kindness. I’ll keep passing it out. It will travel, as it always does...moving into one, through another, above….  And we find ourselves back at Infinite.

I am thankful for the time I’ve been blessed with on this Earth. It may be shorter than some, longer than others, but every second is a blessing nonethelessWhat a beautiful journey we are all on, in this moment, right here and now.

Please take a moment to check out for Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, an extraordinary organization working tirelessly to save the lives of women all over the world. Thank you”

Cancer affects or has affected most of us in one way or another. Either directly or indirectly and the way Missi is dealing with it and her attitude as a whole is an inspiration to us all. Thank you Missifor being a motivation to us all and sharing with us. Hearing your perspective in your own words leaves me speechless, filled with emotion and admiration of how you REALLY are taking it from a negative to a positive.

The Fireball that he is Mr Worldwide to infinity, bringing the love among the Pitbull fan community to the surface and keeping the infinite love flowing through. The magic and beauty of Pitbull strikes again as he brings fans together in all walks of life, experiences and allows that genuine love for each other to flow. We’ve never met but talking to you over the last day or so, I feel like we’ve already known each other. Thank you again.


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