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The official video to Pitbull and Don Miguelo’s Como Yo Le Doy made it’s premiere today on Vevo and as the Fireball set eargasms off simply with “Don Miguelo” in his gravel-like rustic voice in the intro, the video could initially pass for something between a swimwear and lingerie commercial in the opening.
In an unbuttoned shirt and slightly casual suit look, a very scrumptious Armandito is surrounded mostly by raven haired beauties throughout hoping to get a piece of ‘Richard’. Be it outside a door or on a bed in the odd scene that resembles Hotel Room and Don’t Stop The Party.

We’ve been told enough by Mr Wordwide one way or another he likes his women with brains to go with the looks, and so here we also have an intelligent looking secretary type with black rimmed glasses surrounded by books who also couldn’t wait to get her kit off either in between dancing with Mr 305 Inc’s Don Miguelo, flashing a pair of handcuffs along the way.
The sensual and fixating video is directed by Bobby Viera, who also has videos for other members of the Mr 305 Inc family under his name along with a varied career. Learning about Bobby’s fascinating work and career directions, I encourage you too to check him out by clicking onto
In the meantime, crack open the Voli Black, ladies-Cheers!
Steamy, sensual, seductive. Qualities that also represent Mr Worldwide himself. HOT. Click onto Pitbull below to watch sizzling video. With all the heat building up, mind you don’t spontaneously combust!
Dale EeeYAW!

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